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Have you been looking for ways to remain eco-friendly even though you’re moving house? Well, in that case, we’ve got some good news for you! We’re here to give you some advice that will help you organize a green relocation to Chelsea. Nowadays, the environment is one of the burning issues in today’s world. So, anything you can do to help the environment will be greatly appreciated. That’s why Diving Moving and Storage NYC is here to give you tips and help you make your upcoming relocation more eco-friendly. Other than helping the environment, you can even save some money by following these tips! So, keep reading to learn all about green moving.

Ways of achieving a green relocation to Chelsea

Decluttering your home for an eco-conscious move

One of the crucial steps in any kind of relocation is decluttering your home. There’s no need to take everything you own with you if there are items you simply don’t need anymore. That’s why it’s a good idea to go through your stuff before packing and getting rid of everything you no longer use. 

Woman folding clothes to declutter for a green relocation to Chelsea
Go through your wardrobe and get rid of the things you no longer wear.

The good news about decluttering is that it will lower your moving expenses. Namely, practically every Chelsea moving company charges by the weight of your shipment. That means that the amount of stuff you’re bringing can determine the price of your relocation. So, if you want to save some coins, consider saying goodbye to some of your things.

Other than being a great money-saver, decluttering will also help you achieve a green move to Chelsea. How? Well, the fewer boxes you need to load onto the truck, the smaller truck you need. You’ll also need to make fewer trips to collect all of your items. This means less fuel and therefore less carbon emission. It’s a win-win!

Declutter in an environmentally-friendly way

If you want to take extra steps to an eco-friendly relocation to Chelsea, there’s a simple step to do so. Though decluttering is a great step, there’s a way to make it even more effective. Namely, you don’t have to throw your things away in order to declutter. Instead, you can find them a better home and avoid creating waste.

  • Give away your things. If you have any friends, family members, or neighbors who could use the things you’re getting rid of, you could gift them these items.
  • Donate what you don’t need. Another great way to make your relocation to Chelsea NYC green is to donate your things to those in need. Find your local Goodwill or a similar organization and help someone out!
  • Sell your unwanted items. A really good way to avoid creating waste and earn a few coins at the same time is by selling your items. You can organize a yard sale or sell your items online. Either way, you’ll earn some money and help the environment.

Avoid plastic boxes when packing  for a green relocation to Chelsea

You’re probably aware of the fact that plastic is one of nature’s worst enemies. That’s why you should be mindful when packing your belongings and avoid using plastic containers. Luckily, you can get biodegradable boxes that are good for the environment and are great for packing. You can buy some high-quality moving boxes Manhattan and recycle them once you no longer need them.

Three carboard boxes for a green relocation to Chelsea
Using cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers is a good step towards a green move to Chelsea.

A great thing about using cardboard boxes is that you can even get them for free. Simply visit your local supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies and any other places that get regular deliveries. They have no use for all the boxes they have, so they can help you out. You can even ask your friends if they have any boxes lying around or look for used cardboard boxes online. So, this is yet another good way to save money while saving the environment.

Extra packing tips for an eco-friendly Chelsea relocation

When you’re trying to achieve a green relocation to Chelsea, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a really easy way of doing that. When you’re packing your items, there are a few more things you can do to be more eco-friendly. Using cardboard instead of plastic is a great first step, but here’s what else you can do.

A couple lying on the bed with a cardboard box and suitcases
Using cardboard boxes and suitcases for packing is a great way to help the environment,
  • Use bags and suitcases. Not only can you help the environment by using cardboard boxes, but you can even utilize some things you already have. You don’t need to go through the trouble of looking for boxes if you have enough bags and suitcases. Just use these items for packing.
  • You already have wrapping materials! Instead of using bubble pack and tape to wrap your items, you can use sheets, blankets and towels. You already own these items and you won’t have to create unnecessary waste! Wrapping is essential if you want to protect glass items for transport, but at least you can do it in an eco-conscious way.
  • Reuse the boxes you have. Yet another way to save money and be eco-friendly at the same time is by using the boxes you’ve used in the past.

Hire a green moving company to help you

No matter where you’re moving, it’s always nice to have some help which is why so many people tend to hire professional movers. Well, if you’re trying to organize a green relocation to Chelsea, you should start looking for a green moving company. Luckily, there are plenty of companies out there, so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. Green moving companies use biodiesel fuel and they can provide you with used moving boxes! So, if you’re looking for a good way to make your relocation eco-friendly, it’s worth looking into this kind of moving company. Combined with all the tips mentioned above, your move will be green to the fullest.

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