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Just of the bat, we should say that there are a lot of good things to be said about living in New York. It is a financial (and some would claim cultural) capital of the world. There are tons of benefits of living in NYC. However, we feel like there should be a lot of honesty when talking about a big, life-changing event such as moving. We want you to make an informed decision. Therefore, we want you to know all the popular issues with NYC apartments and how to overcome or minimize them.

Rental, and life, is expensive

In all honesty, the first one is pretty obvious. Even during the airing of Friends, it was weird for people to have big apartments in Manhattan. New York has always been expensive and if you are hiring moving companies Upper West Side to take you to some specific neighborhood price can skyrocket as high as skyscrapers that touch the heavens above New York.

Popular issues with NYC apartments
What are the most common issues?

Rental prices are pretty popular issues with NYC apartments, but oh are they not alone. The food is expensive too. You will pay a lot more to eat in New York restaurants than for those in Denver or Houston, for example. Running a business is expensive here too, with various prices costing a lot.

However, it should be said that New York City is somewhat obsessed with high productivity. It is a city that never sleeps, but it is not because of the high nightlife but also because people just always keep on working. This high level of productivity resulted in a lot of wealth for the residents of this great city, meaning that there are a lot more means to afford the high price of being apart of the New York universe.

Popular issues with NYC apartments include structure problems

Popular issues with NYC apartments are, sometimes, structural problems. While your storage space Manhattan will protect your items, what will protect you? Well, most of the buildings in New York are just fine. Most of them are up to code… However, there are a lot of apartments in New York.

The problem stems from the fact that some of these are rather old. This means that there are good chances that they present violations of the code and pose danger to the people living inside. Before moving in, be sure to check if your building is not reported for such a violation of the NYC official .gov site. Furthermore, be sure to warn others should you find such problems by calling 311 to file a complaint with the city administration.

Roommate problems

Many people offset the high price of living by living with friends or simply other people needing of companions that will help them save rent. But, beware, living with someone is not easy, even if they are long time friends. Issues with roommates are very frequent and stem from different lifestyles of people within the same apartment.

A building
Noise pollution on Brooklyn streets is on a pretty high level

To avoid those, be sure to:

  • Have clear communication – to help with smoothing over problems
  • Be armed with patience – helpful with all of the most popular issues with NYC apartments
  • Try to move in with a friend – it will go easier with someone you know.


Only recently has the term “noise pollution” been in wide implementation. Being in New York, you will definitely understand that there are some hard differences compared to what someone reading a guide for moving to Astoria has to expect.

Not only does New York never sleeps, but also it does not let you sleep. Traffic is heavy and is loud, and with streets close as they are and everyone tightly packs you will hear a lot of noises from the streets.

Furthermore, you will find that the thickness of the walls leaves something to be desired. You might just find out a little too much about your neighbors over the time of your stay.


You remember that 311 number… Yea, you might need it for this too. Elevators are common in New York City for rather obvious reasons. It is a city that aims high in quite a literal sense, however, they are prone to problems.

higher building
A lot of elevation in Brooklyn apartment buildings.

Also, landlords will not fix them unless breakdown is significant enough to endanger those using the elevators. Be sure to document and such instances. 

Rodents and bugs

Generally speaking, you should always read the contracts you sign. However, if you are simply not the type, then at least learn the most important bits of info you need to know. For example, learn what is the responsibility of your landlord according to the Warranty of Habitability and the NYC Housing and Maintenance Code. You might just need it.

Why? Bedbugs.

Ok, yea, we know. Bedbugs are not an ideal answer to pretty much any question imaginable. However, this problem is far more likely to happen in NYC than in any other urban place you ever lived in. Know, don’t get us wrong. The picture of the city plagued by pests from the 70s is not really there anymore. The streets are a lot cleaner nowadays, however, the 70s are not a high bar to set. New York City still has a huge pest problem, bed bugs and rats being the worst of the worst.

However, while they are your problem if they appear, since, you know, they are not really that pleasant, there is good news. They are not your problem to solve. The landlord is responsible for that, and be sure to make them know that!

Is it all bad?

At the end of the day, there are many popular issues with NYC apartments, but it is not all bad. There is a spirit to living in NYC, the way of life. You get the bad with the good, but for many, good is worth it. The opportunity, the self-fulfillment, the community. It makes it worth it.

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