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Professionals vs Friends, How to Choose When Moving

Moving in NYC is a big task. An unfortunate part of the process is the cost in preparing and then making the move. You understand your budget best. Is it cheaper to rent a moving truck and ask a couple friends to move with pizza dangling as motivation? Will you get the same result as hiring a moving company of professionals? Here we weigh when friends are a viable option and when the cost of a NYC moving company outweighs the herding of cats…I mean friends.

How Much Effort Do You Want to spend?

Time is money. Effort is money. How much do you value your time and your effort? Everyone values their time at a different value. Using the following formula can help decide whether or not it is worth handling the move yourself with a handful of friends or if a moving company and their efficiency is the better option.

Moving Cost – (Time + Effort) = x

If x is agreeable, you hire the moving company. This is a high level formulation to decide whether or not the discussion is on the table at all.

Use moving trucks to move the most efficient

How Tight Is Your Deadline?

Usually there is a tight timeline as all the moving parts of the move are falling into place. Friends are great, but they can sometimes be unreliable to meet deadlines and the amount of stress that invokes can be debilitating. When they do show up, packing, loading, and unloading can be an exhausting task.

A moving company, the task and effort is another day at the office. The moving process happens every day for them. Through this time they have built the strength and endurance to plow through the heavy burden. They also understand deadlines and the pressure to meet those deadlines as a professional business. Therefore, reliability weighs heavily when deciding. If you have hordes of friends who are all willing to throw in effort, it may not be as exhausting but most of us can only boast about that many friends if we look on Facebook. In real life, it may not be as populous as we would hope.

How Much Stuff Do You Have? (moving truck size)

The amount of stuff you have will decide how big a truck you need to secure to make the move. With a studio apartment you may only need a ten foot truck. A two or three bedroom apartment might need a 26 foot moving truck. How comfortable are you driving a large truck? In places like New York City and being unfamiliar with driving an oversized vehicle is a recipe for destruction.

Ask yourself how much stuff you have and what size truck you would need and how comfortable you or your friends would be driving such a truck to decide on whether hiring professionals to take on that liability or trusting your frat friend Jimmy to not wreck the truck you rented for the day is the option for you.

time for a garage sale

How Far Away Are You Moving?

If you are moving across the hall, or even in the same building or block you are currently living in, then having a bunch of friends over for beer and pizza may be the best option. You do not need a rental moving truck and it is more about effort of carrying your stuff around than packing everything in a way to secure your things for a longer haul.

If you are moving a long distance out of state or even a crowded distance from one NYC Bourough to another, professional, licensed, and insured movers are the best option hands down. They are prepared and supplied to secure your stuff through practiced packing to make sure the move is seamless. The relief from the guarantee your stuff will arrive safely is too large to pass up

The Decision Is Yours

Friends are great and whether they really want to help or not, will often show up to lend a hand. They will work hard for you and while there may be some new marks on the walls, they will help get it done. It is up to you to know the limits of their expertise, skill, and willingness to help. When weighing out all the logistics of your move, most of the time you will find professionals are the way to go, especially in major metropolitan areas. Let the professionals do what they do best and let your friends join you for the big game in your new place.

The best NYC moving services are only call away. Divine Moving & Storage has been moving New York City for 20 years and as NYC’s most experienced moving service we can have you packed, moved, and unpacked in a flash. Moving doesn’t have to be exhausting and Divine it never will be. Why make moving difficult when you can make it a Divine process. Call today to find out why Divine is called the best moving company in the tri-state area.


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