Moving is a challenging process. Imagine how complicated is when adding the pressure of packing and relocating in a hurry. So, if you need to make a last minute move, there are many reasons for planning it. When your living situation is suddenly changed, and you need to move as soon as possible, you need help from last minute movers NYC. Divine Moving and Storage NYC is here to help you navigate this stressful type of move. You can count on our last minute moving services to make your transition go smoothly and efficiently. We are here to do our best to provide you with urgent assistance for your emergency moving. We are waiting to help you, give us a call!

Clock on the table
Our last minute movers NYC release the pressure of packing and relocating in a hurry.

We are qualified last minute movers NYC

Many people find themselves in the position they need last minute movers NYC. With right moving assistance you can begin your moving process on time. Hiring us, you can be sure you have reliable, affordable and professional same day movers NYC.

We are just a few clicks away from providing you with last minute movers who are specialized in emergency moving. We are capable of executing both long distance and local moves NYC. No matter how big or small your business or home is, our professionals are dedicated to providing you with a customized moving plan. We want to satisfy all your needs also respecting your budget. The best you can do is to contact us to see why we are the best choice in the sea of NYC emergency movers.

Our goal is your satisfaction

At Divine Moving & Storage we put all our efforts to accomplish the satisfaction of our customers. Our customer service and skilled agents are more than capable of providing you with an efficient and speedy move. Emergency moving doesn’t have to be a big mess filled with worries and stress. Get in touch with us, and you will not be disappointed. No matter of the size or the distance of your move, we know how to handle and pack all your belongings in very last minute. Your last minute move requires careful planning and smart strategy. And we are the best in handling emergency moving.

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Your last minute move requires careful planning and smart strategy.

You can count on an urgent assistance!

Our same day movers NYC offer emergency moving options to resolve your relocation in a quick and fast manner. Our talented and professional team of movers provide you with the necessary services to manage your business or household relocation efficiently and productively. We are always available to provide you with last minute moving services. Whatever special requirements you have, there are no obstacles for our last minute movers NYC. Our experienced and professional staff is ready to do all the heavy job in the rush relocation. Our same day movers NYC are prepared for all unexpected circumstances. We can deal with them professionally and efficiently.

Most efficient same day moving services

We know you have to be at your new home or office as soon as possible. So, we provide you with customized moving services NYC to resolve your emergency move in a timely efficient manner.

We handle house and apartment last minute moves

Whether you need a fast relocation of your small Brooklyn apartment or a penthouse in Manhattan, our last minute movers NYC makes your apartment relocation a snap. We have relocated many New Yorkers with our same day moving services. Our experience and respect to customers belongings is the reason why customers come to us again and again. So, we have the expertise to pack and move you quickly.

We have the equipment to transport your furniture quickly

If you need to transport your big pieces of furniture quickly, you need someone you can trust to get the job done efficiently. From couches, tables, chairs to credenzas, we have knowledge and equipment to transport it quickly and easily with our well-maintained moving trucks.

Couch can be transported easily by last minute movers NYC
We have knowledge and equipment to transport your furniture quickly and easily with our well-maintained moving trucks.

Emergency Office relocation

Aside from the household relocation, we also have same day moving services to relocate your office with ease. We have capable crews and equipment to handle every type of commercial moving NYC. We can help you relocate your business fast, without interrupting your business flow.

Fast packing & unpacking services

Packing and boxing your items needs time and energy. With our emergency packing and unpacking services NYC, you can be sure your items are packed safely. You don’t have to worry about smashes and damages. Instead of risking serious crashes and financial loss, give us a call. Our crew has the boxes and supplies to pack your office items in time.

Loading & Unloading

With our same day moving assistance you can count on safe and well maintained moving truck or storage container. With our agents, you have an extra set of hands capable of doing all the heavy lifting loading and unloading. Last minute movers NYC pack a moving truck, load the things safely and take care of them during the transition. Also, we can unload all your belongings at the end of your relocation. Divine moving and storage movers are at your service, just give us a call to get a free quote!