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Doing the move yourself is never easy. You will need to deal with so many things. For example, you need to prepare, plan, make a lot of phone calls, etc. But packing and transporting part of moving is simply the worst. You need to not only do it perfectly but also on time. However, this can be problematic, which is why some people order portable storage boxes in NYC. They are easy to use, and we have prepared a short guide on their pros and cons.

What are portable storage boxes?

Portable storage boxes are storage units that people use to transport their supplies. They are simple and easy to use. You order containers for storage, and they arrive at the place you need, and then you fill them with items. Items will remain there until they are ready to move. Most people believe that moving over long distances with such boxes is the best option. They are really easy to use and can be truly helpful.

Portable storage boxes in NYC
We hope this helps you with deciding whether to take portable moving boxes in NYC or not

When ordering a storage box, you can be sure that it can be transported to anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you do it on your own, or with Brooklyn movers; it will arrive where you want. However, in order to better understand how portable storage boxes work, we need to see some of the pros and cons that are associated with them.

Pros of portable storage boxes in NYC

The list of pluses for a portable storage container is undoubtedly more than the list of minuses. The possibilities of using a portable storage box are almost endless. For example, you can:

  • Preload your products: this is the most profitable use. You can use a portable storage box to preload items inside and just wait for the transport to arrive. You can do this a few days, weeks and months before the move, so you could worry about something else.
  • Keep your belongings safe: only the tenant can open portable storage boxes so there is no need to worry about the safety of your belongings. We assure you that they will be safely stored in the container until the day of the move.
  • Count on easier transportation: when loading a vehicle, there is always a risk of damage or destruction of objects during relocation. With portable storage boxes, you don’t need to worry about this because the items will be locked securely.
  • Keep your items, even if you do not want to move them: this is very important if you have a lot of objects and a small space to move to. In addition, it is useful as inventory storage when you are rebuilding a house or your garage.
Storage container
You may need a safe place for your items, so ordering one of these containers may help

Cons of portable storage boxes in NYC

Portable storage boxes do not have many drawbacks, but there are things that are not so good about storage boxes, for example:

  • You should not load everything inside: some elements are not compatible with others, and you should not place them all in one place. This is especially true for packing liquids and perishable goods, such as foods or plants, as well as flammable items.
  • You have to pay to rent them: portable storage boxes would be too good to be true if you did not have to rent them. Some people prefer an economical move, and they would rather save money, but do more work. To each his own.
  • Everything has to be very precise: you rent your portable storage boxes in NYC for a specific time. If something goes wrong with the move, a rental company may call you and ask you to return the box.
  • Not very good for really fast moves: if you are in a hurry, portable storage boxes may not be the best option. They need time to arrive, some time to be packed and some time for you to plan transportation. So if you need to quickly organize your local move, then it may be the best option to do this without them.

Why use portable storage boxes in NYC in the end?

In the end, the list of pros is better than the list of cons due to its versatility. Most of the minuses are based only on certain factors of moving, and there is a chance that you do not even have to think about them. Users who rent portable storage boxes usually come up with new storage ideas. In the long run, portable storage boxes are great for many purposes if you don’t need to worry about the downsides of using them.

For example, the safety of your items should be your primary concern. Storage boxes are closed and only the tenant can open them. You are probably worried if your car disappears from your garage from time to time, but you can pack it in a storage container at any time. In addition, transporting items inside a container is much safer. The containers are made in such a way that your things will not be damaged while moving. Moreover, you are most likely to load them yourself so you can double-check everything!

What you need to keep in mind

Keep in mind that you will be solely responsible for portable storage boxes. This means that you must use them with responsibility and caution. Find a lawyer that can check if the contract your rental company offered you is legal. And then, if you are not sure if you can honor a deal with a rental agency in any way, do not rent them out in the first place. Storage containers are expensive and although they are really good to use, they require a lot of responsibility. You must keep this in mind before renting them.

Storage units
Storage units, although not portable, are still useful


In general, renting portable storage boxes in NYC has many advantages. There is much more to them than just storage facilities. Their use may also be unique if it does not violate the terms of the contract concluded with your company. When used properly, the benefits are amazing! In the end, you can always try one of them and see the benefits for yourself!

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