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Are you thinking of relocating to Queens, or investing in an apartment? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Divine Moving and Storage NYC have relocated people in this area for years. There are many indicators of how real estate trends in Queens change. The amount of people moving in and out of the place is always a pretty straightforward indicator. If people are moving into the place, the real estate is on the up and up. If they’re moving out, for whatever reason, the place is in an unfavorable position. When you find out more about all new trends, you’ll be able to see if it’s time to invest. Are you ready to see what’s new in Queens in 2021? 

Do you want to live in Queens?

Queens is a very popular part of New York. Many people’s dreams are to be able to afford an apartment with an amazing view in Queens. Queens movers have had a lot of work during the past few years. People were still relocating, even during coronavirus. The Queens offers incredible diversity when it comes to people, jobs, as well as restaurants. It has everything a young person might need: opportunities, metro, places for fun and leisure, and a big job market. 

New York
Queens offers a wide spectrum of people, fun, and work!

What are real estate trends?

The real estate trends explain how people are behaving currently in regard to the real estate market. It will tell you whether they are buying more or less, what type of properties they’re buying, etc. This is a term used to portray the behavior of people who are currently investing. It’s important to follow real estate trends throughout recent history to have a better understanding of whether you should invest in a real estate market right now, or not. 

How did the Coronavirus impact the real estate trends in Queens?

Before the beginning of the pandemic, real estate in Queens has been very steady and the market was in balance. When the pandemic started, everything in the real estate field also started to shift a bit with it. There were more homes for sale as the people tried to get and save the money, but the interest rate was lower. A lot of people wanted to move out of the town and find themselves a place in the suburbs, where they won’t have to meet as many people and thus try to avoid getting in touch with the virus. 

After people realized that the interest rates were lower, there was a certain number of people who were ready to invest in the market. Moreover, after some time the people relaxed and they were more comfortable in investing and they felt sure in which direction this situation was moving. 

Real estate trends in Queens
Real estate trends in Queens still didn’t stabilize.

So, right now, there are fewer houses and apartments that are for sale than in the middle of the pandemic, but there are still a lot of them. Months supply has dropped significantly. 2021 offered us something resembling the balanced market, and it looks like the balanced market is in sight again. Luckily for many people who wanted to invest, the market is starting to be predictable again. 

What’s next?

As we get vaccinated, as the people start to return to normal lives, there will be more influx of people in the city. The schools and jobs will become primary drivers, and is located in Queens when that happens is very convenient. You will be close to the metro and thus, everything you might need in the New York center. There will be a slightly heightened interest in apartments and other real estates as this happens, but after that, the market should become balanced yet again. 

What are current real estate trends in Queens?

When we take a look at the February reports, we can see that the New York real estate market is subjected to strong sales. There were also a lot of sales that were closed or pending, and this trend is expected to continue for a few months as the pandemic end starts to rise. The median sales price is on the rise, and it continues to get higher and higher, increasing by over 20% over the year. 

We have to be aware that the coronavirus still has a strong impact on the real estate market, and that the trends might change rapidly if there were new lockdowns and unpredictable situations. So far, there have been several mutations of the virus that have affected certain regions. What’s to say there isn’t another one? 

Would you like to invest in real estate in Queens?

Real estate trends in Queens are changing fast. Those aren’t as big of changes as they were at the beginning of a pandemic, but the market still hasn’t gone back to normal. Investing is a big step, and doing so in a pandemic is risky if you aren’t very well set. It’s true that some of the conditions you have right now aren’t very likely to repeat themselves in the recent future, so think hard and wise before you decide what you want to do. 

moving box
Have you decided to relocate to Queens yet?

Have you decided that real estate trends in Queens are in your favor?

While real estate trends in Queens might be changing, what people want isn’t as fluid. If you have decided to move the center of your life to Queens, congratulations! You’ll love the life there, especially when it gets back to its full potential. If you decide that you need help with item relocations, keep in mind that Divine Moving is at your disposal. You can have all the heavy lifting done for you in no time, while you sit back and relax. You should know that your items will be handled properly and with great care, and enjoy the fact that you’ll be living right under the nose of the Big Apple! 


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