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When you want to raise your family in New York City, you need to choose your neighborhood carefully. Your neighborhood should have all the necessary facilities and institutions. In addition to this, it needs to be family-friendly and safe for your children. Luckily, Manhattan has plenty of options. One particular neighborhood in Manhattan it’s great for raising a family. Upper East Side is located from 96th St to 59th St and between 5th Ave/ Central Park and the East River. If you are interested in this particular neighborhood or want to find out more, here are all the reasons for relocating to Upper East Side with a family. Soon enough, you will be calling Divine Moving and Storage company to organize your relocation. 

Relocating to Upper East Side – housing options 

As you might know, Manhattan can be extremely expensive. This neighborhood is no exception. Since it has many great schools, restaurants, and an overall family-friendly atmosphere, many people want to live here. However, you can find affordable apartments if you look hard enough. Generally, the median home value is around $1,300,000. The median rent is around $2200. This is not bad considering it is Manhattan. Of course, the price would depend on the location and on the size of the apartment. If you would like to find something more affordable, then you should look east of Lexington Ave. You can always and save money before you decide to move. One way how to save money would be to hire Upper East Side movers. In addition to this, if both you and your partner have stable jobs, then, you should not have any problems finding a suitable apartment for yourself. 

streets of New York City
You can find affordable housing in Upper East Side

The cost of living 

In addition to the previous housing costs, you have to consider the cost of living in this neighborhood. Since renting or buying a property in Upper East Side is quite expensive, then you can also expect the high cost of living. NYC or rather Manhattan as a whole is quite expensive to live in. You will have to find a really good job in order to be able to support your family. You can expect to say twice as much for your food or drinks than you would in some smaller cities. However, there are some ways how you can save money. The first would be to avoid dining out. Rather than going out or ordering food, you should focus more on preparing meals for your family. The other way to save money would be to find a smaller place. You can always rent storage space Manhattan for additional storage. 

Relocating to Upper East Side because of its convenience 

One of the best reasons why you should move to the Upper East Side with your family would be the easy way to get around town. The biggest advantage would be the Second Ave Subway or the Q train. There are three stations along the Upper East Side. There are plans to run this train all the way to Houston St and the Financial District. In addition to this, 4, 5, and six trains run along Lexington Ave. If you want to avoid using the subway, then you can use one of the plenty of buses available. There are crosstown, local, and even express buses at your disposal. This part of Manhattan is very well connected to the rest of New York City. Even if you find a good job in some other borough or neighborhood, your commute time should not be too long. 

Relocating to Upper East Side to walk on the street during the night
It is quite easy to travel around the city when living in this neighborhood

Great Healthcare 

Since you want to raise your family in this neighborhood, you need to think about health care. Manhattan has one of the best possible healthcare in the city. Specifically, the Upper East Side has great doctors and hospitals. You can easily find one if you are ill or injured. Among all of these hospitals, there are three worth mentioning. It is always better to know where to go in case of an emergency. This is especially important if you are raising children. Here are those three hospitals that you can rely on. 

  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital – It is ranked first by U.S. News and World Report’s ranking. 
  • Lenox Hill Hospital – This hospital is a member of the Northwell Health group. This group is well known for internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and maternal or child care. 
  • The Hospital for Special Surgery – among the best from neurology to orthopedics. 

Relocating to Upper East Side – culture and people 

After every relocation, you need time to adapt to your new surroundings. The best way to do it is to walk around and become a tourist in your new neighborhood. This is especially important if you are moving with your children. They should feel comfortable in their new living environment. For this reason, you should go together and explore the Upper East Side. What is there to see in this neighborhood? First of all, you will find Museum Mile. this is actually a collection of the world’s best museums that include the Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum of Art. These museums also host an annual festival in June where they offer plenty of children’s activities, street performances, band performances, and so on. In a few days, you cannot forget about Central Park. This Park has literally everything, from the summer stage to the zoo. 

Central Park
You will have Central Park close to you

Should you move to this neighborhood? 

As you can see, living in Upper East Side is both rewarding and expensive. Should you be relocating to Upper East Side with your family? Well, if you have enough budget and you can find suitable housing for your family, then you should definitely move here. This neighborhood is known to be quiet family-friendly so you will know your children will grow up in a safe and peaceful community. In addition to this, it is quite convenient to go to any other part of the city and there are countless places to visit and activities to do around the neighborhood.


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