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Are you considering moving in New York City and trying to decide between self storage in NYC or fully managed storage? If so, youre in luck! This article will provide a comparison between the two options so you can make the best decision for your situation.

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Self Storage in NYC vs Fully Managed Storage,

Whether youre relocating to a new city, downsizing, or simply need more space; storage options in New York City became a popular goto for citydwellers. But not all storage services are created equal.

The primary difference between self storage in NYC and fully managed storage offered by Divine Moving is that the latter offers professional management and care. Your stored items are monitored by us, so you dont have to worry about checking in on them yourself. With a fully managed storage facility, you can rest assured that our property managers are looking after your items.

Which is Better for NYC: SelfStorage or Divine Moving‘s Fully Managed Storage?”

One of the advantages of self storage in NYC is that it is typically less expensive than fully managed storage. The cost of self storage is usually based on the size of the unit being used and is generally just a fraction of what it would cost to rent a fullscale unit at a fully managed facility. However, with self storage you dont have the benefit of a dedicated team ensuring that your items remain safe and secure. Self-storage in NYC consists of shipping containers (often called pods), which are dropped off at a convenient spot for you to load your items on site. While this type of storage generally offers a wide range of sizes and is available on a short-term basis, there are some drawbacks to consider before jumping in.

His and Hers storage spaces

Don‘t Take a Risk With Your NYC Storage: Move From DIY to Fully Managed Storage With Divine Moving!”

Fully managed storage facilities are also ideal for those who need access to their items frequently. The staff at a selfstorage facility may not be available to help you access your items when you need them, while with a fully managed facility, you can take advantage of access times and services that are convenient for you. Fully managed storage services, such as those offered by Divine Moving, provide many benefits as compared to self-storage. Because this is a full-service option, our team will come to your location to pick up all of your items, catalogue and pack them, and transport them to one of our warehouses in NYC.

In addition to packing and transport, Divine Moving offers additional services like furniture assembly and disassembly, boxing and unboxing, and even onsite inventory management. This fullservice, backed by their experienced team, makes moving, downsizing, and any other form of city storage manageable and stress free.

Divine Moving: Upgrade Your NYC Storage From Self to Fully Managed and Keep Your Belongings Safe!”

The downside of self storage in NYC is that you have to be responsible for the security of your items yourself. The facility may have security in place but you are still responsible for the safety of your stored items. Furthermore, you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs of any items in the units. With fully managed storage, the facility takes on these responsibilities, so you dont have to worry about them yourself.

Fully Managed Storage Solutions

  • Divine Moving and Storage offers fully managed storage solutions for everything from furniture to electronics. These solutions include picture inventory, online inventory, packing, unpacking, furniture disposal, as well as same day service. With our help, you can store anything from furniture, fragile items such as antiques and computers, to documents and more.

Picture Inventory

  • Divine Moving and Storage offers picture inventories of all items placed in storage. This ensures that everything that is stored is accounted for and documented.

Online Inventory

  • Divine also offers an online inventory access for customers.

Packing and Unpacking

  • Divine can provide packing and unpacking services for customers to ensure their items are carefully packed and stored.

Furniture Disposal

  • Divine can also take care of furniture disposal and recycling. This helps customers get rid of furniture that they do not need or have time to dispose properly.

Same Day Service

  • Divine Moving and Storage is available for same day service in some cases. This is especially useful for urgent tasks or when customers need to move or store items quickly.


New Yorkers: Stop Settling for Self Storage! Get the Benefits of Fully Managed Storage with Divine Moving

While both self storage in NYC and fully managed storage can be great options, its important to consider all the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. Consider your budget, access needs, and security needs when deciding which is right for you. With the right information, you can make an informed decision and be happy with your storage solution. Ultimately, deciding between self-storage and fully managed storage services should be based on your individual needs. If convenience and hands-off service are a priority, fully managed storage services like Divine Moving are a clear choice.  Call Today 212-244-4011


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