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NYC Storage Hacks for Your New Home

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Whether you’re facing a massive downsizing crisis, or you just need a serious reorganization of your clutter, there are solutions to de-clutter your NYC apartment and make put any traces of OCD to rest.


Moving to a big city such as New York City is exciting and a dream for many, but with that big move often comes a (very) small apartment. While you might have tried all of your downsizing strategies, you’ll want to make the most of your tiny space, which means you will need to get creative.


Small space storage hacks are some of the most innovative ways to make sure that you can keep all of your precious possessions and still comfortably navigate your home. Here are 10 storage hacks for your apartment.


  1. Use Your Walls

Odds are, you won’t have an issue finding space on the walls as you would on your floors. Large furniture and appliances only have one place to rest on; so don’t waste any space putting shelves or storage there.

Your walls are prime real estate for shelving and other wall-hung storage devices. Hang it all on the wall.


  1. Baskets

Baskets are great for decoration and organization. You can fit more staff into tight spaces when it’s uniform and can be fit together. Baskets are great for underneath sink cabinets, in pantries, on shelves, and, you guessed it, hung on the wall.


  1. Over-the-Door Shoe Holders

Shoe obsession or not, these are great and take up minimal space. Place one on the back of the bathroom door for toiletries and towels, and put one on your closet door for socks, underwear, and some accessories. If you have anything that can fit in the same space as a pair of shoes, a few of these are a perfect investment.


  1. Use Corners to Your Advantage

Pieces of furniture against the wall can create a corner that is might be too small or another piece, but it a perfect spot to create more storage. Here is where you can install corner shelves, available in different sizes and styles, to keep small decorative items, remotes, and books.


  1. Multipurpose Furniture

There’s no need to purchase additional storage-specific pieces when your furniture already provides some great storage compartments. Ottomans that open provide a whole storage box. You can build your own trundle bed with drawer or pullout storage, as well as build your headboard to include shelving it.


  1. Store Your Furniture

That’s right. When you’re not using it, just fold it up. Perfect for studio apartments is the fan-favorite: a murphy bed. This bed is hinged at the bottom so that it can be stored vertically against the wall or inside a closet. When you’re up for the day, you have that much extra space.

There are other options for furniture that you can fold-up. Special tables, desks and even counter tops can be installed to be stored flat against a wall or into a cabinet when they are not being used.


  1. Hanging fruit baskets

In the off chance that you lose space on your walls, try hanging storage from the ceiling. Fruit baskets are perfect storage devices, with multiple tiers to them, and can easily fit above something that already takes up space on the floor, such as a side table, a toilet, or a counter.


8.  Bed risers: a college classic.

Bed risers are often seen in cramped college dorm room, but these are great additions to any post-grad, small apartment lifestyle. Risers are about 8 inches tall, allowing you to store more under a normal bed, or even add a short set of drawers. As an added bonus, many of them also have power and USB outlets outlet.


  1. Closet Hacks

Wooden hangers are bulky and some closet storage systems that are professionally installed can be great, but super pricey. Instead, make the most of the hangers you already have by adding S hooks or chains to them, allowing you to add several hangers while taking up the space of one.

Some other options you have for your closet is to add another rod for hangers, hang hooks on the back walls or back of the doors, and hanging a cork board on the door for jewelry and accessories.


  1. Get creative with drawer space.

Everything is limited here. You can find organizers for drawers in many shapes and sizes to help you neatly squeeze what you need into them. Similar to the basket concept, you can usually fit more in a space when it is uniformly organized. For things that don’t fit- hang it on the wall. You can actually install a wall magnet that can hold your knife collection and other large kitchen utensils.


Lucky for you, when you still manage to run out of space for your wide array of belongings, you can use our storage services that are right for you.

Storage in New York City can get expensive. Divine Moving & Storage makes NYC storage affordable so you don’t break the bank moving. Call today for your free moving estimate! 212-244-4011

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