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Want to move to Manhattan? Then you best start looking for good movers. Only when you start looking for them you will see just how hard it is to find them. There are many moving companies in Manhattan and you can hardly be sure of how good they are by simply checking them out online. Well, to help you find the best movers in Manhattan we have come up with a full proof plan. First, we will go over what makes a mover good and then we will tell you how to choose the right movers. So, buckle up and get ready to learn.

 From move-out to settling into your new home, Divine Moving & Storage’s professional moving and packing services in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood takes care of everything, and all you have to lift is your finger… to point. In New York City, Chelsea trusts Divine Moving & Storage to take them home or back to work. With residential and commercial moving packages and long-term and short-term storage, Divine Moving & Storage are the professionals Chelsea trust most for easy and stress-free relocations.

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For two decades, Manhattan’s Chelsea movers have been relying on Divine’s professional movers to move them into, out of, and around Manhattan affordably and efficiently for lickety-split relocations that seem like a dream and not a nightmare. For moving done right, call Divine today! Whether planning ahead or calling last minute, Divine Moving & Storage has all of your moving needs in Chelsea covered. From packing & unpacking, long-term and short-term storage, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and specialty services (like TV and AV handling), we have everything you need to get back to the important things in life–like finding a new brunch spot and dry cleaners near your new home. With minimal interruption, Divine gets you back to what matters most.


Divine has everything you need to execute a successful and painless move–from experienced professionals to moving materials on every truck in our state of the art line of moving transportation vehicles and packing and unpacking services, we customize our affordable and all-inclusive flat rate prices and tailor them to your needs. Don’t overpay for a bad moving experience when you can call Divine and get on your way far more quickly and less expensively (and less painfully!) than any other moving service in New York City.
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Why move the hard way when you can move the Divine way?


Called the perfect blend between downtown glam and uptown ritz, New York City’s neighborhood of Chelsea lays on Manhattan’s westside. As one of New York City’s most popular and upscale neighborhoods, Chelsea attracts residents moving to the area for a trendy, convenient, and accessible home where amenities abound. Bound by Hell’s Kitchen and Hudson Yards to the north, the Garment District to the northeast, NoMad and Flatiron on its east side, the Meatpacking District on the southwest, and the West Village to the south, Chelsea is centrally located to anything you could possibly want to do in Manhattan.


With significant period architecture, the Chelsea Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 to celebrate its rich history.


With Chelsea’s upwardly mobile ethnically and socially diverse population, residents have been attracted to move to Chelsea for its large array of housing options. Chelsea has a blend of tenements, city housing projects, and apartment blocks but is also revered for its townhouses, renovated rowhouses, high-rises, converted warehouses, and the large amount of retail business and for being the center of New York City’s art world. One might say Chelsea is the perfect marriage between uptown affluence and downtown panache.


With more than 200 art galleries in Chelsea, art connoisseurs and collectors can skip a day at NYC’s famous museums and instead head to Chelsea to view amazing art of all types, shapes, and sizes. There’s something for every art lover’s palate.
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Chelsea attracts tourists and New York City residents alike to the fabulous boutiques and shopping options it has. Featuring some famous big name designers like Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Christian Louboutin, Chelsea also has shopping for every budget. At Artists & Fleas you can buy threads from over 100 independent designers, and at Buffalo Exchange you can sell clothes you no longer wear and exchange them for pieces that fit your current sartorial motif better. Plus, it’s only a block from the Fashion Institute of Technology so you know that there’s going to be an amazing selection provided by the fashionistas learning their trade and the school.


With a large LGBTQ population, Chelsea is one of the most diverse and inclusive neighborhoods in New York City.


As a mecca for the LGBTQ community, Chelsea has been attracting young professionals and couples eager to move to a neighborhood that wholeheartedly embraces them–and with a sense of community unlike any other Chelsea is absolutely perfect. Eighth Avenue is one of the best places for LGBT dining and shopping. Notably, the eponymous YMCA featured in the Village People’s famous song, relocated in 2002 from 23rd Street to 14th street, on Chelsea’s southern border. (zip code 10011, 10001 )


In New York City many people will tell you there’s no better spot for shopping and indulging your foodie tendencies than Chelsea Market.


Housed in the former National Biscuit Company building (the company eventually became America’s favorite cookie company, Nabisco), The Chelsea Market attracts shoppers and diners who often spend an entire day here without ever running out of things to do. In the rustic looking former biscuit factory, you can go shopping for clothes, indulge in a wine class, celebrate happy hour, indulge in fine dining or just grab a quick bite from one of the food stalls. Whether you’re planning a wonderful meal or just getting a snack during a round of retail therapy, The Chelsea Market is a fabulous place to spend the day.


Connecting Chelsea to the Meatpacking District is the Chelsea High Line modeled on Paris’ Promenade Plantée. Considered one of New York City’s favorite green spaces, the elevated linear park was built on a disused portion of a now defunct railroad line. After opening the Chelsea High Line has a halo effect on the neighborhood spurring real estate development and increasing commercial and residential real estate values. Important funders for the project included former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg. Andrew Balazs, the hotel developer who owns Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont, brought LA’s Standard Hotel brand east and opened the 337 room New York City Standard Hotel straddling the High Line for easy accessibility for guests and tourists seeking a bit of LA glamor with NYC sophistocation.
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The historic Hotel Chelsea (or just The Chelsea to those trendy enough to be in the know) was built between 1883 and 1885 and at the time of its founding was the tallest building in NYC.


Originally New York City’s first private apartment cooperative, The Chelsea was bankrupted due to a mix of economic issues and reopened in 1905 as a hotel. The Chelsea is known for the famous names in literature, film, and music she has attracted and housed over the years. Amongst the literary legends who graced the hallowed Hotel Chelsea halls are Mark Twain, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal, Jack Kerouac (who even wrote On The Road while staying at The Chelsea), Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sarte, Thomas Wolfe, and Charles Bukowski among many, many more. Some of the film industry’s most beloved actors from the big and small screens have also enjoyed The Chelsea’s hospitality: Stanley Kubrick, Bette Midler, Shirley Clarke, Ethan Hawke, Dennis Hopper, Uma Thurman, Jane Fonda, and Russell Brand. Among the famous musicians who lived at THe Chelsea were Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Henri Chopin, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Rufus Wainwright, Leonard Cohen, Madonna and bandmates from The Grateful Dead and the Ramones.
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Famously, The Chelsea was also the home base for many Andy Warhol’s Superstars including Edie Sedgwick, Ultra Violet, Brigid Berlin, and Viva, and Warhol even featured the hotel in the film he co-directed with Paul Morrissey, Chelsea Girls.


Divine’s best-in-class packing, storing, and moving services in Chelsea coupled with our famous care and attention to detail, award winning customer service, and unparalleled professionalism has made us the best moving company in Manhattan for two decades. There’s moving the hard way in Chelsea, and then there’s moving the divine way.


Call Divine Moving & Storage today to schedule your move to or from Chelsea (or anywhere around Chelsea) and put yourself in divine hands for the easiest and most stress-free move of your life.

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