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Organize office move

Whether your business is opening a new location, moving to a bigger space, or just shifting some things around, we know office moves can cause anxiety among the executives who have to plan them. Moving into a new home in NYC is one thing…but moving a whole office full of people in NYC can feel like a chaotic storm waiting to happen. Here are some of the best office moving tips we’ve learned throughout our eighteen years as New York City’s top moving team.

If you know a move is inevitable, make sure you let people know way, way ahead of time. Tell your employees, your vendors who make regular deliveries, your clients who have become accustomed to your location, your post office, and anyone else who could potentially be affected by your change of address. Announce the move through an internal email, in your email signatures, through social media, through online forms…whatever you have to do. This way, your stakeholders have ample time to make adjustments.


It’s important for your business to be organized about your packing so everyone is on the same page. Make a schedule for when everyone must have everything packed so your company suffers as little downtime as possible on Moving Day. Also, make sure your employees are aware of the types of items which cannot go on the moving truck—for example, any flammable cleaning liquids will have to be transported in a personal vehicle.

Provide each employee with the same number of boxes, and clearly label the outside of the boxes before even distributing them to their owners. Labeling the boxes beforehand prevents your movers from having to read several different styles of handwriting on Moving Day to figure out where everything goes at the new location.

Have your IT department or vendor put together a list of instructions every employee can follow to properly pack up their computers, phones, cords, and any other electronic equipment at their desk. This way, you can ensure no one accidentally leaves something valuable behind or pads something improperly. Make sure these instructions tell employees to remove all print cartridges from their printers before packing, and to tape any loose lids or drawers to the body of electronics so they don’t come open and break during the move.

If you have filing cabinets which need to be moved, be sure you lock them to avoid a drawing spilling open unexpectedly during transit. The contents of vertical filing cabinets do not need to be unloaded and packed into separate boxes, but you will need to unload your horizontal filing cabinets prior to the move.

Office movers
Bubble wrap can distract you from actually packing your NYC home or office


Your moving company will most likely charge you for your move with an hourly rate, so you don’t want to rack up the hours having them move useless belongings you don’t need anymore. However, your company can use any accumulated clutter to your advantage when you donate those items instead of simply throwing them away. Take photos of your employees donating old electronics, office supplies, and personal effects and post about the donation on your social media. Your customers will love that you’re saving the environment and helping people in need at the same time!

Where can you donate these items? Here are some of our favorite New York City nonprofit organizations who can take common office items:

Office supplies, like paper and pens — We love local nonprofits. They help families living in poverty find stability through affordable housing and various other resources, including a free tutoring center for kids! Your old office supplies can help replenish the tutoring center’s stock.

Old electronics, like phones and computers — Urban Renewal is a nonprofit which serves to both assist New York City’s homeless population and eliminate harmful toxins which are emitted from electronics that end up in landfills. When you donate used computers which still work, these are used to train vulnerable populations about new job skills. With older technology, the organization will recycle the equipment and use the proceeds to support their efforts with the homeless.

Office furniture and decorations — Whether you need to donate old chairs and desks, or just wall hangings and knick knacks, you can bring them to the St. Francis Thrift Store. All sales from this charitable shop are used to support the Franciscan Community Center’s work in the neighborhood.

Organize an office move


Unfortunately, you may not be able to completely avoid having your relocation impact your normal business activities. However, you can minimize the disruption by scheduling your move on a Sunday or other day that your business is normally closed. Diving Moving and Storage may even be able to help you move after your business hours if you’re normally open seven days a week—just give us a call ahead of time to check for availability to organize office move.

Also, be sure you know where any large pieces of furniture, such as conference tables or cubicle walls, need to be located in the new office before your moving team arrives. If you can make a diagram showing where everything should be placed ahead of time, your movers can save time in the unloading process. As you make this diagram, note where the outlets are located… It would be unfortunate to set up all the cubicles, only to realize afterward that you need them to be broken down and moved so you can reach the electrical outlets!

Need to organize an office move? Let us walk you through the full moving process! Give us a call at 212-244-4011

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