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Sometimes, you might not feel like cooking anything in your home. Maybe you want to celebrate something special, treat yourself to a nice dinner, go on a date, meet friends, or similar in a restaurant. For this reason, it is time to find a nice restaurant where you can have delicious food in the best company. This restaurant might be in Long Island. If you have recently moved here or even if you have been living here for a long time, you can always find a new and exciting restaurant. It is even more satisfying to go to a restaurant after Divine moving and storage company finish with your relocation. For all these reasons and more, here are the best restaurants on Long Island. 

The best restaurants in Long Island – Old Fields and Waterzooi 

If you have just moved to Long Island with one of the moving companies Long Island, you should definitely treat yourself to a nice dinner. The first restaurant you should visit would be Old Fields. Why should you visit this restaurant first? Well, to begin with, it is opened in 1955. For more than five decades, this place was extremely famous on Long Island. It has a cool and cozy vibe with the best food in the neighborhood. The most famous dish would be a grilled cheese sandwich, the skirt steak made according to the original recipe from 1955. The next restaurant, Waterzooi, is well known due to its global dishes. You can try the Thai and Montrachet dishes with a special twist. However, the best part would be the large Belgian beer selection accompanied by fresh-baked Brussels waffles. 

try steak in of the The best restaurants in Long Island
There are many good restaurants where you can eat steak

Sandbar and All American Hamburger Drive-In 

Have you heard of Guy Reuge? This famous chef opened another restaurant, this time in Long Island. A sandbar is definitely a place where you should visit to try the best seafood dishes. Some of these dishes that you should try would include the Long Island clam chowder and Berkshire pork chop. You can enjoy eating these dishes in a yard-style restaurant. This is a perfect way to relieve stress after long and stressful relocation. Even though you had help from Queens movers, you still need to find a way to relax and treat yourself after such a difficult time. If this restaurant does not fit your taste, then you can try All American Hamburger Drive-In. As the name suggests, you can eat one of the best American hamburgers in this place. It also has a quite long tradition since it was open in 1963. 

The best restaurants in Long Island – South Shore Dive and Off The Block 

Next on your list should be South Shore Dive restaurant. This is not your ordinary restaurant. It is more a mixture between a dive bar, a pub, and also scuba equipment. If this sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely pay them a visit. What can you try here? Their specialty would be dark hot dogs topped with certain chili, mustard butter, and optional toppings. Then, you should definitely try homemade tater tots. Their menu also includes some of the best cocktails, beer, and nitrogenated Cosmo. On the other hand, you should not forget about Off The Block restaurant as well. When you are moving to Long Island, you should definitely visit this chef Stephen Rizzo’s restaurant. Crispy apple-glazed Brussels sprouts are just waiting for you to try them. You should also try 5 Cut Burger with perfect French fries. 

person holding a hot dog
You can never go wrong with a hot dog once in a while

The Flour Shoppe Café and Mosaic 

If you decide you want to have breakfast instead of lunch or dinner, then you should head over to The Flour Shoppe Café. This cafe used to be a bakery but a couple of years ago owners decided to turn it into a small cafe. You can have both breakfast and lunch at this place. The best menu would include home-fried breakfast poutine or scrambled Florentine tartine. There are many extremely delicious baked goods and homemade granola that you should try. This place is popular for its lighthearted atmosphere so it is perfect if you want to relax and have your breakfast in peace. On the other hand, you have chefs Jonathan Contes and Tate Morris’ Mosaic. This restaurant is specific since it does not a set menu. Rather, depending on two chefs’ mood, expect something new almost every single day. 

The best restaurants in Long Island – Kyma and Grotta di Fuoco 

 If you are in the mood for Greek food, then look no further than Kyma restaurant. In addition to this, this restaurant is quite popular to propose. Whether you are in the mood for a proposal or just to eat amazing Mediterranean food, make sure to visit Kyma. What should you try here? Well, to start with, you sure the try the Kyma Chips that are made of fried eggplants and zucchini. Then, you should choose fish dishes made with vegetables. For a dessert, have Greek yogurt with honey, walnut, and black cherry. On the other hand, if you’re in the mood for Italian food, then you should visit Grotta di Fuoco. There is no need to present Italian dishes since everyone knows pasta and pizza. However, this place offers homemade pasta and pizza. This is something that you should try at least once. 

a person taking a piece of pizza
Pizza is always the best choice

Even more restaurants 

The list doesn’t end here. Here are the best restaurants in Long Island that you should visit as well. 

  • Tullulah’s – menu is changed according to season, but mac & cheese, salads, seafood, and dry-aged meats are amazing. 
  • Peter Luger – the best restaurant for meat-based meals. 
  • Salumi – one of the best tapas menus. 
  • Prime – if you are in the mood for steak and sushi. 

Now that you know all the restaurants, you can make a schedule and visit them all. You will not be disappointed with any of these restaurants as they are the best in their areas. 


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