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If you’ve ever been on the Upper West Side, you know that it’s teeming with great places to eat. Picking the best is a little hard, but we at Divine Moving and Storage managed to single out a few picks that we could comfortably call the best restaurants on the Upper West Side. So read on, and don’t blame us if you feel your stomach growling!

Murray’s Sturgeon (2429 Broadway, nr. 89th St.)

Murray’s Sturgeon only does takeaways, but it doesn’t make it any less of a cuisine marvel. You will be immediately drawn in by the rundown 1960s aesthetic. The sturgeon they serve is nowhere near that old, though. From the golden sturgeon to the wonderfully cured herring and the mouth-watering salmon, every meal is as drop-dead delicious as the last.

If you’re a fan of seafood, Murray’s is reason enough to call Upper West Side movers and move your entire life just to enjoy their meals more often! It’s no surprise that it’s considered one of the best restaurants on the Upper West Side.

Ayurveda Cafe (706 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 94th St.)

Ayurveda takes its name after an ancient Hindu medicinal system, which many practice today as a form of alternative medicine. Owned by Tirlok Malik, an Indian movie star, the restaurant offers fully vegetarian meals (called thali). Each morsel is calibrated to align with Ayurvedic practices. The place sees a ton of regulars that are vegetarians, Jubus, Buddhists, hippies, and everyone in between.

The atmosphere is very warm and chill, with handmade notes, knick-knacks, and Ganesh statuettes strewn about the place. If you’re up for some great Indian chow, including:

  • mung daal,
  • broken wheat kheer,
  • banana pakoras,
  • alu gobi,
  • fresh pappadam,

… then you won’t regret giving this join a visit.

A bowl of Indian Food - best restaurants on the Upper West Side
Ayurveda Cafe is home to some beautiful Ayurvedic food combinations

Sushi Kaito (244 W. 72nd St., nr. West End Ave.)

If you’re looking for a sushi place that rides that line between stellar quality and affordability, then Yoko Hasegawa’s Sushi Kaito is your ideal pick. You can choose between 12- and 16-course omakase with nigiri, all masterfully prepared and served. Another of the picks for the best restaurants on the Upper West Side for seafood, Sushi Kaito will not disappoint.

Kaito’s staff is a team of virtuosos when it comes to preparing their food, be it silvery iwashi (Japanese sardines), tuna, or ikura (roe) with Hokkaido uni tongues. You can enjoy your meals with a sprinkle of homemade soy sauce, or you can go for exotic salt. Sake is also readily available for your drinking pleasure.

Celeste (502 Amsterdam Ave., nr. 84th St.)

An inconspicuous little place, Celeste hides its marvelous culinary delights behind a plain set of window panes. But after moving to Manhattan, you’ll see that this is the case with many Italian eateries, for some mysterious reason. All the same, though operating for over a decade, this one doesn’t feel like growing out of its comfy confines.

Meanwhile, the food is, as expected, as good as Italian food gets. From carciofi to ricotta balls, every dish is as sumptuous as one would see served on the Boot back in Europe. As long as you’re quick enough to catch a table in time, you probably won’t want to leave ever again.

Celeste’s food will have your mouth watering the minute its smell wafts into your nostrils

Gray’s Papaya (2090 Broadway, nr. 72nd St.)

A garishly yellow beacon of exemplary hot dog craftsmanship, Gray’s Papaya has been around for decades – and they can make a mean dog. You can stop by for a quick order of a hot dog (or the Recession Special: two hot dogs with a drink) and a lovely papaya drink. And if you feel like sticking around, you’re more than welcome to take a spot in its dizzyingly colorful interior.

The establishment works ’round the clock, so you can count on it to fill your belly at any time of day or night at the Upper West Side. If cheesy delights and food that’s American through and through are up your alley, this is the place to be.

74th Street Cafe & Steakhouse (2121 Broadway, nr. 74th St.)

Located on the second floor of a busy Fairway Market, 74th Street Cafe & Steakhouse gives its visitors a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the streets below. It’s a wonderfully upscale dive, and it gracefully switches between soothing, yet quick daytime meals and suave nighttime dinners.

This restaurant offers a great arsenal of chicken-salad sandwiches. But you can also indulge in some premium dollar pancakes or tuna melts. If you’re more serious about eating, why not go for beef Wellington with foie gras? Or maybe some steak Toscana? Wherever you preference lies, the joint above Fairway will whisk you from the swarming streets below.

Beef Wellington
You’ll be hard-pressed to find better beef Wellington than at 74th Street Cafe & Steakhouse

Mama’s Too! (2750 Broadway, nr. 108th St)

The pizza – a staple food of any food fan with a heart, be they old or young. Yes, Moving to NYC with kids will inevitably lead to your little ones dragging you to the nearest pizza place on the daily. But one trip to Mama’s Too! is enough for them to have only one pizza in their heart. But don’t worry, though: you’ll feel the same way.

Their square pepperoni is the stuff of legend on the Upper West Side. A hard, golden crust hides its thick, airy, tender contents. Meanwhile, the juicy meat and cheese exude warmth and grease which coalesces in tiny droplets. From the house slices to Angry Nonna (a combination of sweet honey and spicy Calabrian chile oil), every taste bud has something to look forward to.

The best restaurants on the Upper West Side: Wrap-up

Hopefully, this list has given you plenty to chew on for your next foray to the Upper West Side. We showed you a line of great establishments with a bit of something to offer everyone. From vegans to gourmets, we can all have our fill (and then some) in one of these locales, the best restaurants on the Upper West Side.

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