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Nowadays, everybody needs a little extra storage space. We’re constantly buying or getting new things and we quickly outgrow our apartments. That’s why many people tend to get professional storage space Manhattan and declutter their homes. If you’re toying with the idea of getting a storage unit, but you’re not 100% sure, we’ll show you why it’s a good idea. We’re about to tell you the disadvantages of in-home storage and help you make your decision.

Clutter in your home – the biggest disadvantage of in-home storage

We’re all in a constant battle with the clutter in our homes. All of us are always looking up tips for decluttering and clearing out our houses. So, that’s exactly why so many people decide to get moving supplies NYC, pack some of their things up and put them in a storage unit. That way, you’re making sure that everything is safely stored but it’s not taking up a lot of space in your apartment.

Renovation clutter
One of the disadvantages of in-home storage is that little by little, you’ll have clutter in your home.

Of course, there are plenty of different in-home storage options, but they all require a lot of space. In case your home doesn’t have any places which you could dedicate to the storage, then it’s probably better to get a warehouse. When you’re living in a smaller home, the last thing you want is for it to be overflowing with things. So, if this disadvantage of in-home storage bothers you, you should probably look into other affordable storage solutions.

Your things aren’t in a climate-controlled place

Even though everyone has things that require extra storage, not everyone needs to store the same kinds of things. Well, some people own items that are more fragile and sensitive. Therefore, those belongings need to be in a safe environment that is climate-controlled, so using a storage unit is better for them.

Storage units - another disadvantage of in-home storage is that it's not climate-controlled like storage units
Another disadvantage of in-home storage is that it’s not climate-controlled so it can’t protect your things as well as warehouses.

If you rent a storage unit in NYC, it will most likely be climate-controlled. That means that your belongings will be stored in a place that protects them from humidity and high temperatures. On the other hand, if you decide to store your things in your house, you simply can’t protect them in the same way. So, if you have sensitive items, this con of in-home storage might be detrimental to them. 

In-home storage requires more work

When it comes to the disadvantages of in-home storage, another big thing is that this option requires more work. You need to find a place in your home that has enough room for your belongings. Then, you need to figure out if you’ll store your things in boxes, on shelves, in a closet or in a completely different way. Even after everything is tucked away, you’ll need to declutter from time to time, and clean your things from dust. So, as you can tell, it’s easier to just get a storage unit and get it over with.

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