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Each relocation has various ways to complicate itself. There could be many impediments, and throughout our extensive experience, we can say that we have probably seen them all. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate and prevent such obstacles. One very frequent issue that we have encountered is the time gap between leaving your current home, and being able to enter your new one. In this specific predicament you are left with one very large problem – where will you stash your belongings during the gap? At this moment a question is brought upon you – how much does it cost to rent storage in NYC?

Something like the idea to rent storage in NYC moves from a luxury to a necessity. This is just one scenario where renting a storage unit becomes imperative in your relocation project. At this stage, you need to start investigating just how much this costs. But, regardless of the price you find – it is worth it. It solves so many problems. On another note, if you are living in a very small apartment, the need to rent storage in NYC grows more by each passing day. There are so many scenarios where having a storage unit shines. We will focus on the triggers that create a demand for it, as well as potential costs you will be facing.

rent storage in NYC will present different costs
The type of storage you need will dictate the price.

What is the price to rent storage in NYC?

This depends on a number of factors. However, there are two factors that have the most influence on the price, and this is what all Brooklyn movers will tell you. The first question we need an answer to is – what are you storing? The second, potentially even more important, is – what size of a storage unit do you need? With the knowledge of these two elements, we will have a clear image of what type of storage you need. Knowing the type of storage will tell you the approximate price of the storage you are about to rent. Fortunately, these are questions that are easy to answer. Usually, the pursuit of a storage unit is triggered by a specific need, and knowing this need will help you decipher the type of storage you will be getting.

jewelry - rings
If you need to store precious jewelry, the price of the security will probably go up.

We will give some potential scenarios, helping you grasp the idea of different types of storage units you can rent. Based on this you can continue to draw conclusions about some prices you will be facing. Again, there are alternative solutions. You could always have some friends or family to help you with their free space (i.e. a garage), but it is something that might not always be available. In case when none of it is possible, your need to rent storage in NYC becomes unavoidable.

The type of belongings you need to store

Usually, the type of belonging you need to store will dictate your need for storage. What do we mean by the type of belonging? You will need different storage to keep safe your jewelry when compared to a few bags of clothing. Logically, if you rent storage in NYC to store bags of non-fragile goods, the price will be significantly lower when compared to a storage unit where you need to store antique furniture. Furthermore, there are several factors that have an impact. First and foremost, it will be the price (or value) of the items you are storing. The higher the price (or value) the bigger the security needed. The more security you need – the higher the price will go.

antique furniture
Antique furniture will require a very specific type of storage unit.

The point is – you do not have much of a choice. If you need to store something very valuable (which is usually very fragile), you will not be able to make compromises. It is simply a risk not worth taking. On the other hand, if you are storing something that is just big, but doesn’t have that much value (nor is it that fragile), you will be able to make plenty of compromises. There are many different types of storage units you can get, and the choice will be based solely on your needs. This will simultaneously influence the price.

The size (or quantity) of items you are storing

The second most important factor will be the size of the storage. We can logically deduce that the bigger the size of the storage – the higher the price. Again, this is, unfortunately, something there is no debate about. If you have 6 pieces of large furniture that you need to stash somewhere, you will not be able to opt for a smaller storage unit since it simply will not be able to fit it all. It is not that easy to rent storage in NYC, but on the other hand, it is very ‘black and white’. Assess your needs and make your choices based on it. The price will follow, but the price will be fair when compared to what you need to do.

Rent storage in NYC

If you are lost in all this, we would like to help in any way we can. it doesn’t matter if you need student movers NYC, or something completely different. Our experts would love to, if nothing else, give you some proper advice. It is not in our best interest to have you rent any storage unit. We would like for you to rent something that is answering your needs fully, without any overkill. There is an abundance of potential storage units you could rent. The key is to find the best solution, tailored towards your needs.

Good luck!

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