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What Should I Do While The Movers Are Moving My Stuff?

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So, you’re all set for your big move tomorrow. Congratulations! Your apartment is ready and the movers will soon be on their way. And if you have selected a full service move, you’re in luck, because we’ll do practically everything for you. The packing, the loading, and the heavy lifting will all be taken care of. But what does that leave you free to do? Here are some ideas of what to do while the movers are moving and packing your stuff from one apartment to another.

Assemble any important papers, personal belongings, and children’s toys. Put them in a prominent location and post a sign above them that says “DO NOT PACK!” so that it’s clear to the movers that they should not touch these things. You can also put those items in the bathtub or a designated closet.

While our movers are moving they will give you a time window for our arrival to your new NYC apartment, be ready for us to arrive as early as 15 minutes before the earliest time in the window. Greet them and give them any special instructions, making sure you’re available if we have any questions. But use the time that they’re working to make sure your family is fed, any messes are cleaned up, your car has enough gas, and you have cash available for any tips you plan to give.

Lock your pets in a room that the movers do not need to access. Make sure they have adequate food, water, and litter boxes as necessary. Post a sign on the door that says “PETS – DO NOT OPEN!”You won’t want to take the time to have to chase down your dog or cat if it escapes, and they’re likely to be very nervous with strangers in your house.

Purchase a case of water and put it in a cooler with some ice as a really nice gesture to your hard-working movers. They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, especially if it’s hot inside or outside. Even if they don’t drink any, it’s the thought that counts. Consider springing for some pizzas if your packing or unpacking is taking place over the lunch or dinner hours.

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Tie trash bags to all of your door handles and let the movers know they’re there for their use. When movers are moving they use a large amount of paper, labels, and packing tape. Even though they’re contracted to clean up after themselves, making it easy for them to dispose of trash and waste will make things better and cleaner for everyone.

Save the packing of your pillows, pillow cases, and bed linens until the morning of your move. When you wake up, put all of these items in a large box or plastic crate and clearly mark it “bed linens”.  When you arrive at your new home, it will be important to know where this is so that you can get a good first night’s sleep.

Take an inventory of all your highly valuable items, put them all in one place, and snap a photo of them with your phone. Have the movers pack all of these items together in one or several boxes marked “HIGH VALUE”. Personally observe the movers sealing the box or boxes so that you will be at ease, knowing that your valuables are packed securely. Even if the items packed together don’t really match or “go together”, it’s good to have these kinds of items packed in as few boxes as possible.

Go over the entire list of your inventory with the head mover. You’re more than welcome to follow them around the house while the movers are moving, but it’s highly likely they’ll have things under control. If anything is lost or damaged, you will be able to file a claim, so relax. As long as a detailed list exists and the movers have signed off, including packing everything on your list, you should be good to go. Just be sure all of your documentation is signed properly and all boxes and crates are sealed before being loaded. A good mover should have this covered without you telling them, but keep an eye out nonetheless.

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We hope you enjoy your move and that you’ve found these tips valuable. Just remember to take as much time as you can and relax with your family so you get the most out of the experience. Yes, it can be stressful watching strangers handling every one of your treasured possessions and household items, but remember that these strangers are professionals and are paid to be very good at what they do. Your stuff should be just fine.

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