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One of the biggest trends in the moving and storage industry is storage facilities and the possibility of renting them. Now storage units come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, finding one that will meet all your requirements should not be so difficult. However, there may be a problem with providing financial support to the repository. Simply put, some people cannot afford to rent a storage unit on their own. Thus, in order to get one for themselves and provide a place to store their belongings, people decided to split the storage facility Manhattan. This is not what the general public does. No, in fact, companies sometimes also decide to share storage. There are various reasons for and against this practice. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of shared storage units.

Why have shared units become so popular?

Storage units are rental premises in which you can store almost any item to your liking. One of the best benefits that long term storage offers is climate control. Monitoring the atmosphere inside the vault can provide you with an ideal place to store things that need to be stored under strict conditions.

Shared storage units
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As you probably know, storage units are very versatile spaces in which you can store anything from old household appliances to art objects. But, it is not always easy to give some extra money for that. Therefore, if you do not have enough space, you should definitely consider renting shared storage units.

Reasons for and against shared storage units

As we have already said, today we look at the pros and cons of shared storage units. We are going to take a look at two of each. We hope that by the time we finish, you will find out if renting short-term storage or long-term shared units is right for you.


  • Lower rent
  • Easier to manage
  • If you need just a little space for your belongings, shared storage units might be right for you.

Reducing rents as one of the main reasons to choose shared storage

The first and most common reason why people decide to rent shared storage facilities is that in this way the rental will be much more affordable for both parties.

Keep in mind that they are not only companies that rent warehouse space. Quite often, it is simply regular people who do this. As you know, life today has become very expensive. Most people do not own their homes, they rent instead. The monthly payment of rent and utilities can take a significant amount in the budget of any household. And the cost of renting storage in NYC is also not very cheap. Therefore, it is not surprising that people get together and join stakeholders to rent shared storage units.

Dollar bills
Finances are the main reason people decide to share storage units

Saving money wherever possible is still very important. Even if we do not live in the time of the Great Depression, we still need to know where our money goes. Therefore, by combining and renting storage facilities, we can easily reduce our costs to a minimum.

Easier to manage

Sharing a unit means that you will share the costs, but also the responsibility. No matter how good a storage unit you get, you need to keep it clean and tidy. Fortunately, if you decide to do this together, it will be easier for both of you to maintain order. One of the things you both have to do is mark the plastic storage bins before storing them so that you don’t mix them up.

Shared storage units are great if you need just a bit more space

The second reason you prefer to rent storage space with someone else is when you need only a bit more extra space. Obviously, if you are in this situation, you are not interested in paying for an entire storage unit, even the smallest. Therefore, you still have one possible solution – to rent a storage unit with someone else.


  • Splitting costs can cause troubles
  • You do not have full control over the unit
  • If you rent with a friend, your friendship may suffer

Sharing costs can be a problem

Whether you share the unit with a person you know, or with a stranger, talking about expenses can put a strain on your relationship. In addition to this, you may find yourself in a situation where another person does not want to pay his share.

You do not have full control

The first reason why you should think twice before start renting a shared unit is that you will not have complete control over who enters the storage or what items are stored inside. Thus, if something is damaged or lost, figuring out what happened to it can put you in a very bad situation.

Your friendship may suffer

Two hands
Friendships can break easily, so be careful when renting shared storage units

Disputes in this kind of arrangement are what you can expect. It’s just that people have different needs and ideas about how a storage unit should work. If you and your friend are not setting a strict set of rules regarding how you intend to use your unit, you can see how your friendship is falling apart.

Now you have to ask yourself if one storage unit is a sufficient reason for risk. After all, New York is a big city. Finding a true friend here can be difficult. Therefore, think carefully whether you really want to conclude such an agreement or not.

So is sharing a storage unit really a good decision?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question. Renting shared storage units is a legitimate choice. However, you need to decide if this is the right way. This is a personal question. We all need to look inside and think about whether we can make it work or not. Only then should you enter into such an arrangement.

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