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Relocation often means having to adapt to a new type of lifestyle in the area you move to. Moreover, this also means having to deal with missing parts of your old lifestyle, as well as the place you used to live in. That is why, today, we will discuss moving from Manhattan to Long Island. More importantly, what you will miss from Manhattan once you move out of it. If you are still trying to move, but need professional assistance, consider hiring Divine Moving and Storage NYC services to help you. Professional movers can make your relocation process a lot easier and much less overwhelming than it could become. Nonetheless, let us discuss what you will miss from Manhattan once you move out of there.

Moving from Manhattan to Long Island – the things you will probably miss

Manhattan is a densely populated area of New York City, in the state of New York. Moreover, it is one of the smallest boroughs in the whole city. However, Manhattan is the epicenter of activities. There are around 1.632.000 people living in the smallest borough of New York. Meaning that one of the smallest boroughs in New York holds the highest amount of people.

a bustling street that you might miss when moving from Manhattan to Long Island
Bustling streets, restaurants, and crowds of people might be some of the things you miss from Manhattan

On the other hand, if you are preparing for the move and require assistance, consider hiring local movers, like Manhattan movers to help you relocate with ease. So, what will you miss the most once you leave Manhattan?

  1. Central Park
  2. Being at the center of happenings
  3. The cuisine

Central Park

As moving companies Long Island help you relocate, you might find that you want to visit Central Park one more time before you leave. Namely, Central Park is one of the biggest parks in New York City. It is located between the Upper West and Upper East side of Manhattan. There are around 42 million visitors that come to the park each year. Moving from Manhattan to Long Island does not mean you cannot visit the park anymore, just that you will have to commute longer to get to it. People living in this borough are constantly either visiting the park or walking through it on their way to work or from work.

Being at the center of happenings

The second thing you will probably miss (or not) is being in the middle of activities. New York, especially Manhattan, is full of people, tourists, activities, and events. Although at first, you might think that you will not miss this, you probably will. At least for a week or so. As you might move to a quieter part of Long Island, leaving the bustling epicenter of activities will surely be a shock to you.

Moving from Manhattan to Long Island means missing out on great cuisine

Manhattan is the center of good food in New York. More importantly, it is the place where you can taste almost any type of cuisine around the world. Due to the diversity of the population living there, moving from Manhattan to Long Island means missing out on some amazing cuisine from every corner of the world.

an interior of a restaurant
The cuisine one can find in Manhattan cannot be found anywhere else

This does not mean that you cannot find a good restaurant on Long Island, but that you can miss out on the hottest new restaurants in Manhattan. It is always best to know more about your options.


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