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There are endless upsides of moving to Queens. People who hire one of the moving companies Queens and move here will be rewarded with fewer crowds and exciting surprises unique to Queens. So many people just land in NY and spend all their time and money in Manhattan. But they lack the extraordinary and unique cultural experience that only Queens can offer.

When most people think of life in New York, they represent the glamorous lifestyle in Manhattan at the center of all events. Although there are many good reasons to move to Manhattan, Queens is a place for cultural diversity, young professionals, and the working class. Queens is by far the largest and most extensive of all boroughs. So it takes a lifetime to get to know all the cuisines and cultures of this diverse area. Queens is also home to some of New York’s most underrated sights. Below you will see why Queens is a unique enclave of diversity and culture.

Flushing Meadow Park
Fewer crowds and exciting surprises are unique to Queens

Why wasn’t Queens popular before?

As we have already said, Queens is a really diverse area. There you can find people from various cultures and social groups. When people are moving to NYC from abroad, their first stop is Queens. It offers them better chances to start a new life in a new country. On the other hand, rich people simply don’t like being in that neighborhood, considering it to be dangerous. But, recently that has never been further from the truth. Queens is as safe as any other NYC borough. And it offers much cheaper living options in the city. That is probably the reason there are many more New Yorkers moving to Queens.

Here are the upsides of moving to Queens

1. People diversity

Diversity is one of the features that makes New York such an amazing place to live. But thanks to the skyrocketing, inaccessible rent, Manhattan and Brooklyn are becoming places in which only the rich and the super-rich can live. Queens is still an international crossroads where every metro stop feels like a new country or region. Within Queens, New York, more languages are spoken than anywhere else in the world. If you want to live in a city and have a truly diverse life experience, Queens is what you need. Queens is a place where you can be who you are, no matter where you come from. Since no large ethnic group makes up 50% of the population, Queens is the most diverse urban area in the world.

2. Delicious food

Queens’ diversity has made it one of the world’s unexpected food capitals. People from different cultures work in the area who bring their unique tastes and traditions to many Queens restaurants. Queens is particularly famous for its Greek, Chinese, Korean and Thai restaurants. But you can find any kind of food here, including a variety of delicious street food. Many immigrants bring truly authentic recipes from their home to Queens. You can find them on the many food carts that line the sidewalks. As well as at the best places to eat in Astoria.

Diverse hands
If you are open to exploring other cultures, diversity is one of the biggest upsides of moving to Queens for you

3. Old-school character

Manhattan and Brooklyn were cleaned up, which is good for some people, but not for most working-class immigrants and New Yorkers. Queens has managed to stay diverse in an ever-growing gentrified city. Skip the fanciful, expensive social scenes in Brooklyn and Manhattan and find a more diverse, more interesting social group in Queens.

4. An abundance of life options

Queens is the only neighborhood in New York to offer so many accommodation options. If you want to go right over the East River and enjoy the stunning views of Manhattan, Long Island City and Astoria are young, fashionable enclaves with fantastic food and entertainment. If you want to live in a suburban area with rolling hills and green lawns, try Bayside or Jamaica Estates. Queens offers its residents so many options to diversify their lifestyle. If you’re still not sure which area is best for your lifestyle, you can always ask people who live there. Who will know your future neighborhood better than its actual residents?

5. Affordable housing

While renting at most other locations in the city is completely unavailable, Queens provides shelter for New Yorkers. The average rental price for an apartment in Queens is $2,090. Compare that to the average rent of $2,602 in Brooklyn and $3,752 in Manhattan. It is pretty obvious that is one of the major upsides of moving to Queens.

6. Hotspot for museums

Forget Manhattan, Queens is the New York City museum place! MoMA PS1, Noguchi Museum, Queens County Farm Museum, Louis Armstrong House Museum, Moving Image Museum and Flushing Meadows Corona Park are located in Queens. Visitors to museums who travel to the area will be rewarded with unique artifacts and exhibits that are passed by most New Yorkers and tourists.

Statue of liberty
If the American dream still exists, it lives in Queens

7. House of the American dream

Although all of New York is called the “concrete jungle that makes dreams come true“, Queens is the New York area that most accurately represents the American dream. Since both of the city’s major airports are in Queens, immigrants who have just flown out of an airplane from another country believe that Queens is the perfect place to start. With more diversity here than anywhere else on the planet, most immigrants can live next door to people of the same or similar origin. And start a new life with the support of their respective communities.

As you can see, there are a lot of upsides of moving to Queens. It is a special place where diversity and multiculturalism are the foundation of the community. If you crave a variety of experiences, cuisines, and cultures, Queens is what you need in New York. Now that you are ready to move to Queens, you need a reliable team of professional local movers Manhattan who will help you get comfortable in your new environment. They can help you with packing and moving your belongings. As well as give you some advice on living in New York. It’s easy: just go with the flow and you will experience Queens the best way possible.

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