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Moving to a new office space is just as complicated as moving to a new home. Large, heavy furniture, electronics, and multiple rooms full of knick-knacks have to be packed. On top of that, there’s usually not a lot of time to get it all done. The last thing you want is to shut down operations for a week to sort things out. Office relocation requires a lot of planning and work, regardless of the size of your company. Here at Divine Moving and Storage, we came up with a list of things people usually forget when moving offices. Read on to dodge making these mistakes.

4 things people usually forget when moving offices

This list could be quite extensive, but we decided to reduce it to the top 4 things people tend to forget during an office relocation.

Research moving companies

When moving offices, people often forget that they have choices when it comes to hiring professional moving services. And excellent choices at that! Choosing to hire professionals to help with the most difficult aspects of commercial moving is all about exploring all available choices when it comes to price, services, and conditions. Don’t just hire the first company that comes up in search results. Compare various movers, at least three companies, before you make up your mind. This way you’ll have the best office movers helping you move your office.

Two men in a moving van
Be sure to do your research and find the best movers to help you relocate your office.

Tell your clients, investors, and suppliers

It is very easy to get so caught up with the move that you overlook telling your wider business network about the relocation. Inform the principal stakeholders such as investors that you have a new office. It is also necessary to let any relevant clients or suppliers know. That way they can anticipate possible disruption or delays. While you’re looking where to buy moving boxes NYC residents recommend, start notifying your clients, investors, and suppliers of your address change.

Redirect the mail

To redirect the mail is definitely one of the most forgotten things when moving to a new office. Contact the US Postal Service to notify them of your address change. This might seem like a low-priority task, but that often proves to be a mistake in the end.

woman thinking about things people usually forget when moving offices
One of the things people usually forget when moving offices is packing office plants.

Things people usually forget to pack when moving offices

Some items in the office are easy to forget in the midst of the moving confusion. Here’s what you should pay special attention to when moving.

  • Stationary. Check all the drawers and conference rooms for any pens or notepads that you missed. Also, don’t forget to empty out the supply closet. Tell all your co-workers to pack their stationary in boxes the day before the moving day.
  • Office plants. Remember to pack all the plants hiding in the corners of your office.
  • Wall shelves and wall decor. Make sure to pack these items, as they can easily be omitted.

As you can see, there are many things people usually forget when moving offices. Therefore, it can be helpful to rent inventory storage while moving. Your items will be safe while you sort things out in the new space.

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