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When moving, you need to think about every small detail of the process. There will be numerous tasks to do so that it will feel like an endless to-do list. To make this easier, we recommend hiring movers NYC. But apart from the moving process itself, you also need to be informed about the place you are moving to. Moving locally might make this a little easier since you know some things about the place you are moving to. Moving from Midtown to Queens might have you thinking, is there something new I should learn about this borough? We are here to tell you that you can never know too much, so keep reading.

A list of things to know before moving from Midtown to Queens

Queens is the biggest borough in NYC and logically there are many things to learn about it. Before moving with local movers NYC, these are the things you should know before moving from Midtown to Queens:

  • Family-friendly borough
  • Countless job opportunities
  • Plenty of outdoor activities
  • The most dog-friendly place in the USA

Family friends borough

Apart from being one of the safest boroughs in NYC, it is also perfect for families to buy a home here. Compared to neighborhoods like Manhattan, this one has a significantly lower cost of living and more affordable prices for buying a home. If you want to move to a more suburban area of New York with the help of Midtown movers, Queens is perfect. It has a diverse population and excellent schools if you plan to settle with your kids here.

Family walking on a path
Queens is perfect for raising a family

Countless job opportunities

If you plan to move with residential movers NYC to Queens, know that you will have plenty of opportunities in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. The seventh-largest airline in America, JetBlue, has its headquarters here, giving many opportunities for people wanting to work in this industry. If you want to pursue a career in healthcare, there are also plenty of options in some of the main hospitals.

Plenty of outdoor activities

Life in Queens after moving with Queens movers will have you enjoy many outdoor areas like parks. In the numerous parks, you can learn about many plant varieties. In Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge there are over 12,000 acres and a sanctuary for endangered species of birds. If you are a fan of fishing, don’t miss out on visiting Kissena Park or Alley Pond.

The most dog-friendly place in the USA

A great number of bars and restaurants in Queens encourage and allow pets. In Chateau le Woof you can bring your pet along while you enjoy a cup of coffee. In Rainey Park and Hunters Point South, you can let your dog run and play while you enjoy the beautiful views.

Dog enjoying the park after moving from Midtown to Queens
If you have a dog, Queens might be perfect for you

Moving from Midtown to Queens – conclusion

As you can see, moving from Midtown to Queens offers you a lot of new things. After moving, with time you will have plenty of opportunities to explore your new neighborhood and get to enjoy it. We wish you an easy relocation.


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