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Storing family documentation is an essential job for every family. As movers NYC knows, people should not leave relevant documentation behind when moving. However, it is hard for moving and protecting. You cannot use conventional methods for it. Those must keep memory on you and your children. It is even more important than money or jewelry.

  • You should protect the documentation from damaging – that is why reliable storage facility Manhattan keeps them in exceptional condition;
  • Every family must protect documents from losing and it hard when moving or renovate;
  • It is not only essential to protect items; you need to organize them accurately – after years and generations in a family, you will have a pile of papers that you need to sort and name.
Intimate paper that show how important is to storing family documentation
Besides the documentation you have lot of intimate papers to protect and save

However, do not worry about protecting. There are a lot of ways to keep documents in proper conditions, even in your home. The most important is to have them in one place and organize them accurately. In that way, you will always know where a particular document is.

Protection is critical when storing family documentation

It is easy to put documents in a drawer and forget about it. However, when you have a whole box of papers, you must put in someplace where it will not make a mess. Most of the people use basements or loft for those purposes. We know that it is hard to protect those places from humidity and coldness entirely.

Keep on a dark and dry place

You should put all the boxes in a dark and dry place for obvious reasons. Most people choose storage and garage for that. You can ask residential movers NYC to help you with this. Pay attention to humidity and water.

Use acid-free paper

These papers use artists to protect paints when moving. It is not only a paper. Thanks to the unique materials, it does not have an acid that could damage documents and photos. You can use moving boxes Manhattan to put all the images and papers. However, protect them with acid-free paper that will not damage them over time.

If you do not organize your documents you will have a pile of useless paper

The organization is also essential when storing family documentation

We think that our documents are papers that we will never need anymore. However, we must organize them accurately, so know its purpose at every moment. It is not hard, though. We need to name the meaning of documents and persons that they belong to. After that, we can use files or boxes for that.

Make a storage

You should make storage in your home for this purpose. Use a lot of plastic boxes that are great for protection. You can use metal cabinets, too. Also, put a lot of silica gel between papers and stuff. It protects from humidity.

Files with paper
It is very important to put papers in files and label them

Consider of digitalization

There are a lot of companies that work with people’s documents nowadays. They can scan your documents and store them in the cloud properly. In those cases, storing family documentation is much more comfortable and safe for a long time.

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