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If you are a real estate agent, you need to know everything there is to know about the job. You need to know when to buy, when to sell, interest rates and more. It is a very lucrative business but only if you put your mind to it. You cannot succeed in this industry if you do not give it your all. In order to help you with being the best of the best, we have devised an article about renting out property at top rates. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

renting property at top rates can be difficult
Renting out property at top rates is difficult

Renting out property at top rates – where to start?

Firstly, you need to be aware that buying an investment property is not the same as buying a home. The things you need to pay attention to is considerably different. When you are buying a house, you will most probably want it to feel like home. That means adding all the necessary decorations to make it seem that way. However, when you are buying a house that you want to rent, the criteria are different.

You need to remove all the strong decorations that suggest a point, and put in some neutral decorations. Most tenants will want to rent a house with neutral decorations. So get some packing services NYC and get rid of those strong decorations! You also need to make sure that everything is in great order and that the house will be low maintenance. The tenants will look for these characteristics as well, so you need to treat that house as a business investment, not as a home.

Look for the best locations

Some locations are better for buying a property and then renting it than others. You need to look at the statistics and see where people rent more. If you buy a house where people rent more and purchase less, you will have a much better time and much more chance for profit. If you get a house in a high renting area, you are much more likely to find new tenants quicker and therefore reduce the time during which your property does not give you profit. The best idea when looking for the best place to buy property is to look for university towns. You should also see if there is a direct commuting line to the university, or that it is one of the more car-friendly parts of Manhattan. Students are much more likely to rent than buy and you should be aware of that. In addition, if your house can be close to the university building, renting out property at top rates will be much easier.

See what kind of property is popular

This is the next thing you should pay attention to when buying a property. You need to see which kind of property is in demand. You can do this by talking to local real estate agents and looking at trends at Zillow or other websites like that. See what gets rented most, houses, apartments, or student accommodation. When you find out what kind of property is the most popular, quickly find one and buy it, and start renting it quickly afterward. Some house owners sell the house even if the tenant is still in. Then the ownership of the house changes but you do not have to look for a tenant. You already have one! Also, pay attention if there are any building projects close to completion. See if you can get an apartment or house there. It may even be cheaper because you are investing in an unfinished property.

So, when looking to buy a house for rent, make sure that you buy the best one you can for your budget, steer clear of risky NYC neighborhoods, and that it is located in an area with high renting probability.

Calculate the yield

Yield is the amount of money you receive compared to the amount you spent on purchasing the property. Renting out property at top rates is surely going to make the yield higher. This is a key part of succeeding in renting a property. If your property cost 70.000$ and you earn 7.000$ a year, then you have a 10% yield. It is calculated when you divide the annual rent by the capital value of the property. You also need to include all the repairs you need to do throughout the year. When you calculate all of the additional expenses, you will get the net yield. which is usually lower than the gross yield because you have to add in the additional expenses as well.

safe investment
The amount you invest will come back tenfold after a couple of years!

You also need to be skeptical and not to expect the best results from your property at all times. There will probably be periods when you do not earn as much from your property. Sometimes you may have a hard time finding a tenant and that will directly impact your profit for the property unit.

Tenant deposits

The safety deposit is an important part of renting. You want to be assured that your tenants will keep the place in check and not break or steal anything intentionally. But before you request your future tenant to pay a security deposit, you need to register your property. You need to register it like a rented property. Only then can you request a security deposit and sign the tenancy contract.

You need to create a contract with your tenant

Create an inventory

This is another idea related to the safety of your property. By creating an inventory you will know of all the things that are inside the house. If something goes missing you can ask your tenant what happened to it and resolve the issue there. If you want to move something into your house or remove something, Long Island movers will be happy to oblige. You can also snap photos of each item so you know the state it was in before your tenant moved in.

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