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Areas of New York cause too many stereotypes to be counted. You have hipster areas, beautiful places, areas where college kids thrive, and, of course, the ghetto. It seems that in New York there is a place for everyone. And although the city is one of the best places to live in the country, partly due to the strong economy and a huge amount of entertainment, in New York, not all are rainbows and sunshine. Some areas are not as good as others. So the question is, which are the risky NYC neighborhoods you should avoid?

Here are the 10 most risky NYC neighborhoods

We have made a complete analysis and came to this list. It is important to mention that none of these neighborhoods is in Queens, so you can freely hire trustworthy Queens movers and move to that part of the city.

Risky NYC neighborhoods
But, which NYC neighborhoods should you avoid?

10. Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Dumbo

This may come as a surprise to many, but it would seem that the safe suburbs of Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo plus Boerum Hill may not be as safe as they seem. The arrival of new residents in this area may cause a radical change in the area. According to the DNA Info’s Crime and Safety report, 63 violent crimes per 10,000 residents were registered in the district. In terms of real estate crime, there were 142 crimes per 10,000 inhabitants.

9. Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen

The name itself is a sale of its history. Hell’s Kitchen, one of the worst, poorest and most risky NYC neighborhoods, was once the home of a violent gang. However, it should be noted that New York recruits now call it the Clinton neighborhood in an attempt to change the district’s reputation. On the other hand, the crime statistics presented here and in Chelsea, which is now widely known to use drugs in the vicinity, still retain a negative impression. Despite the fact that car theft has decreased by 42 percent from 92 percent, this area is still one of the most dangerous. The crime rate is 209 violent crimes per 10,000 inhabitants.

8. Bedford-Stuyvesant

You may have heard of its nickname “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy. The neighborhood was the ultimate embodiment of violence back in the 1980s, and may still be living its legacy. The overall crime rate increased to 6 percent, with a crime rate of 212 violent crimes per 10,000 inhabitants. The number of cases of robbery, rape, and criminal attacks in the area continues to grow, which worries both old and new residents. If you still decide to move to this neighborhood, you should consider renting storage in NYC. For just in case.

7. Downtown

Until September 11, the downtown was one of the elite neighborhoods of NYC. A tragedy occurred in this area, which led to great changes in the whole area. What used to be office buildings have turned into apartments, strip clubs have now turned into chic restaurants and boutiques. Over the past few years, the crime rate in the downtown looked better, since the core crimes have decreased by 79 percent. However, since there is a small population in the area, it scored a fairly high crime rate in real estate, where it has 191 per 10,000 inhabitants.

NYC downtown
And that’s how one event can turn a peaceful area into one of the risky NYC neighborhoods

6. Fort Green and Clinton Hill

Over the years, these areas have endured the reputation of dangerous ones. Gentrification made serious attempts to try to “improve” the quality of life and eradicate crime, but this was not very successful. The low level of the population, the development of public housing and the level of serious crimes that continue to grow can be blamed for their low rating when it comes to safety. They recorded 223 serious crimes per 10,000 inhabitants.

5. Flatiron and Gramercy

This may come as a surprise, as most people consider these areas ideal for commercial and residential purposes. Crimes against property are mainly to blame for being part of this list. Since thieves know that rich people usually make up the population of these areas, they tend to attack homes in these places. The grand theft rate is 158 per 10,000 inhabitants. In addition, burglary cases are higher than average. Homicide rates also rose slightly. No wonder they are not on the list of top Manhattan neighborhoods for families.

4. Brownsville

Crime and Safety Report of DNA Info called Brownsville the murder capital of New York. It has the highest number of murders in the entire city – an alarming figure – 31 murders per 10,000 inhabitants. Brownsville also has records of 10 shots per 10,000 inhabitants. However, we should note that killings, robberies, and car thefts have decreased since 2010. Which explains this rating in the 10 most risky NYC neighborhoods.

3. Hunts Point

For a long time, Hunts Point had to work hard to get away from its reputation as a home of prostitutes. The city made additional efforts, such as gentrification, which led to a decrease in crime rates. However, since rape incidents are still a problem in this area, they still occupy a very low position in the safety index. With 135 registered serious crimes per 10,000 inhabitants, as well as arrests in cases of rape that have increased more than five times, it is not surprising that this area is that risky.

2. Greenwich Village and Meatpacking District

You may think that this is a mistake because we all know that these areas are one of the top neighborhoods in New York. At the time of “Sex and the City”, the Meatpacking District4 was rapidly developing. The streets with trees, beautiful houses that cost a fortune, as well as wealthy residents make them very attractive to thieves. Car thefts have risen from 18 percent to 45 percent.

1. Midtown

Perhaps one of the most demographically diverse areas of New York, the crime rate in Midtown reaches 723 major crimes per 10,000 inhabitants. There are so many people in this area all the time that the crime rate is usually higher. Tourists usually flock to this part of New York and people from all walks of life seem to love this area, which can be blamed for being considered the most dangerous among all the risky NYC neighborhoods.

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