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Being a parent is a whole other story. It is a rather unique experience. Not just in the terms of emotional gratification, which is rather widely known, but also in the sense of the sheer amount of responsibility that is put upon the parent’s shoulders. No longer are plans inside your head good enough. With free time now a luxury (with small kids mainly) and with families interest as a whole to be taken into the account making decisions and plans is a whole lot harder. One of those decisions and plans could be to hire one of the long distance moving companies NYC and relocate to a new home. And, as you know, relocation is complicated enough without kids. So, how should one survive moving long distance with kids?

Don’t worry, it has been done before, and there are some things you should keep in mind to help you out. Therefore, let us discuss these topics.

Moving long distance with kids, from their perspective

Let’s start with the point we think is the most crucial. That is the difference in perspective between you and your kid. Now, of course, every child is different. They all grow from different genes and to different circumstances, with their own quirks and behaviors. However, what is universal to most kids is that they do not understand why they need to move, not really at least. Moving is a huge change in a young kid’s life and especially interstate moving. From our experience, no amount of explaining will prepare them for the day that Divine Moving and Storage will come to your house and relocate you to your new home.

two little boys
They can ready encyclopedias to find out more!

However, there is good news. While they will not understand the motivations, they do not necessarily have to see this as a negative thing. After all, they are kids… they don’t get the meaning behind most of the things that are happening. All you really need to do is convince them that this is what you think is best and, depending on age, get them involved somehow.

Differences in age

Ok, having established that there are some differences in ages, we thought we should expand upon this claim. Now, if you are a parent, you should definitely get yourself acquainted with developmental ages, or stages in which your child is getting psychology develops. However, we will not be using this definition, as we found that dividing up the minors into three groups is the best approach. While this has no backing of any scientific research paper, and we are not researchers, this does roughly work in practice,

  • 1-7 years old. In this period kid is still very young and has not been attending regular school. That is good since moving with kids in this period is actually easier. As they still didn’t commence their secondary socialization, they still view the family as their primary social circle. Home is not necessarily a place, but rather a collective of people that they care about and that care about them. While they might get frustrated with moving, and they need constant attention, they will not have great consequences after the relocation.
  • 8-13 years old. Having made friends outside the family group, they are harder to move. They will not understand why they are moving and will be sad about the loss of friends. Be sure to give them the opportunity to keep up contacts and to ease their transition into a new school.
  • 14-18 years old. Teenagers are the ones showing most resistance to the idea of moving as they are now well established into social circles outside the family unit. However, with their maturity comes a certain capability to understand needs for a relocation – financial or otherwise. Talking it out with them is the best policy and will help your efforts of moving long distance with kids, be it older ones.

Get them involved in research

Now, to move on with what you can do to make them feel better. This goes for any child of school-age: get them to research the place you are going to move into. Not only is this fun for them if done right, but it could actually turn out to be useful for you on more than one front.

use pencil and notebook when moving long distance with kids
Get them ready for a new school

They can ready encyclopedias to find out more! You might find out something new about the place. And, of course, you will also get some peace and quiet. You will definitely need that while you plan out the intricacies of moving.

Get help from other parents online

You are not the first one to go through moving long distance with kids! Other moms and dads did this already using a variety of moving services NYC. There are plenty of Facebook and Reddit groups/subs that could help you out. Even youtube educational videos. Be sure to ask for help!


When moving long distance with kids you also need to consider the schools. We are sure that you didn’t overlook this, but we will mention it nonetheless.  

Get them ready for a new school

Adapting to a new school is not easy, especially so for teenagers. Kids can be mean and going into a new social circle while losing the one you feel established in is not that easy. Simply said, being the new kid is not easy. However, you can help.

How do kids perceive moving long distance?

First of all, make yourself available, but not overbearing. If they ask to be escorted to school, do so, but don’t push your presence in. And secondly, talk to school administration leading up to and after moving long distance with children, so you can lay the ground and track the progress. 

Time to say goodbye

Finally, recognize that it is okay to be sad when moving long distance with kids. It is okay for them to cry and to feel confused. It is normal, and it will pass. They will soon grow roots at the new place and will form fond memories of their new home. All in all, you will survive this and it will all be fine in the end. 

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