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Long Island popularity is still on the rise. Especially if we talk about family life goals, Long Island often serves as the representation. More and more families are leaving New York in search of a better environment for raising kids. Long Island is one of such destinations. And so, Long Island movers work very hard to turn those family dreams into a reality. But whether you are looking to move there for good or just looking for the weekend gateway, these are top family-friendly places in Long Island.

Indoor family activities

It’s still winter in Long Island, so it is perfectly understandable if you wish to spend the free time with your kids indoors. Here are some of the most popular indoor fun options.

Children’s Museum of the East End

Welcome to one of the most popular interactive museums for kids on Long Island. Not only you’ll kids will have a memorable time but they will also get to learn some new skills such as sailing, farming, etc. It is perfect for pre-school kids, but big boys and girls will be impressed too. There is also a special section suitable for crawlers. Basically, if you are a parent and you just relocated to the city with movers NYC, this is one of the first places you would want to visit.

Long Island Aquarium

If your kids are more into nature and sea life, take them to Long Island Aquarium. Witness one of the most impressive all-living coral reef spectacles, visit sea lions, African penguins, and numerous other species. You will enjoy this family-friendly place in Long Island as much as your kids do. And if any of your family members are more interested in birds, insects, and butterflies, they can enjoy these exhibitions. Snorkeling with fishes and celebrating birthdays there is easily arrangeable too.

Aquarium as on of the family-friendly places in Long Island
Enjoy the variety of animal species in Long Island Aquarium

Suffolk County’s bowling alley

The best place to relax after your emergency moving is Suffolk County’s bowling alley. It is perfect for families of action with a competitive spirit and a love for games. Release all that build tension after the relocation by throwing a bowl.

Outdoor family-friendly places in Long Island

In case all you can think of after the relocation is getting some fresh air, here are some of the best outdoor family-friendly spots on the Island.

Visit one of the numerous local nature centers

Long walks in nature, or anything close to that, are highly advisable any given day. Luckily in Long Island, there are around 13 local nature centers, easily accessible and absolutely worth visiting. Various activities for families are available for joining as well. So enjoy these vast open spaces while packing services NYC are taking care of your unpacking.

Long Island local beach walks

Among the most famous family-friendly places in Long Island are definitely its beaches, and the beach walks. It doesn’t have to be summer for you to enjoy calming spectacles that only an ocean can create. So choose between Long Beach Boardwalk, Nickerson Beach Park, Hither Hills State Park, or similar places and unwind.

Two kids playing in sand
Everyone can agree that beaches are among the top family-friendly places in Long Island

Local farms and petting zoos

This is one of the main reasons children love Long Island. So take your family to one of the petting zoos and enjoy the contented looks on everyone’s faces. There are no many greater and more heartwarming sights than children with animals.

As you can see, there are so many different family-friendly places on Long Island. Even if you were to visit a different one each weekend, you would need months to cover everything. But that is just a reason more to sooner go out and explore.

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