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Valentine’s Day definitely takes the top spot as the most romantic holiday. As a day that is all about love and romance, it is an opportunity for couples to celebrate the good times, fond memories, and warm feelings. And if you happen to be celebrating this unique holiday in New York, feel free to count your blessings. You have all the top Manhattan spots for Valentine’s Day right at your disposal. And if you are not currently located in our beautiful NYC, you still have enough time to hire a Manhattan moving company and celebrate this special occasion with some good wine, a warm meal, all the while surrounded by amazing people.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie will definitely be a spot worthy of your time

Located on 97 Sullivan St. Manhattan, the flagship of the Blue Ribbon Restaurants is now already 26 years old. But like fine wine, it only gets better with time. That’s why you can expect to eat mouthwatering oysters and fried chicken in an ambiance that will leave you speechless. But there is one more thing that has helped this spot rise to fame, which has also helped it make the cut of our best Manhattan spots for Valentine’s Day.

A bunch of red, pink and white candy hearts.
Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that should be celebrated with a special person and in a special place.

You can have a meal in the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning – depends on how you look at it. This restaurant is open until 4 AM, making it perfect for night owls. Just don’t be lazy or a procrastinator when it comes to booking your date – the reservations in this spot fill up pretty quickly.

Casa Mono is one of the top Manhattan spots for Valentine’s Day

Casa Mono is a Spanish restaurant that has a great reputation. It’s even said that you can go sit at your table and blindly point at the menu without any chance of making a mistake. That’s how good the food is here. The ambiance also makes Casa Mono one of the best places for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

However, do consider the fact that the wait here is quite long. So if you are tired and have just finished with same-day movers in New York after relocating your home or office, we don’t suggest you opt for this restaurant which is always jam-packed. But if you are well-rested and are up for some notoriously good food, we suggest you give it a go. And if you are bored, you can stop by Bar Jamon, which serves as some sort of a waiting room for Casa Mono. With a great wine and tapas bar, we don’t know of a better waiting room than this one.

L’Artusi is for when you want some boldness in your life

This New York Italian restaurant may not be according to everyone’s taste. This upscale restaurant has bold flavors, but that might be the thing that will impress your date the most! Book your spot in this restaurant, dress to impress and get a major thumbs-up from your date.

Two people on a date in one of the top Manhattan spots for Valentine's Day.
In the mood for something special with your loved one? Try L’Artusi’s and you will have a fun night out.

Another thing that works in favor of L’Artusi is its impressive wine list. Besides, it certainly has an entertaining atmosphere that will be enough for forming a lovely memory. Located on 228 W. 10th Street, make sure you call an Uber and waste no time when it comes to visiting this restaurant. It gets five-stars from our Divine Moving and Storage NYC team!

Take your date to Charlie Bird and a good night out is guaranteed

Located on 5 King St., the Charlie Bird offers a mix that leaves no one indifferent. It offers an American-style atmosphere with Italian-accented cuisine. So what exactly will impress your date after a night out in this place? A lot as it turns out.

The Charlie Bird has an impressively long wine list. But, it also features boom box art on the walls which will be an especially great addition during Valentine’s Day. This surely is one of the best spots in Manhattan for a Valentine’s Day but it’s also one of the best places in NYC for artistic souls. And if you allow us to make a recommendation for dessert, we advise you try the olive oil gelato. It will definitely leave all of your taste buds in awe.

Narcissa takes the price as one of the top Manhattan spots for Valentine’s Day

Narcissa just so happens to be one of the newest Manhattan restaurants as it was opened last year. But that obviously wasn’t an obstacle for it to become one of the hottest spots. Especially for days such as Valentine’s Day. If you are trying to impress your date, a dinner in Narcissa will probably do the trick. It has a typical ‘New York scene’ going on which is a hip setting that some people simply love. Should your date be one of those people, then you are bound to have an impressive Valentine’s Day.

People in a restaurant.
Do you mind the crowds? If you do not, then Narcissa will be a great choice!

Just a little reminder – like all the majority of restaurants on our list, Narcissa gets filled up pretty quickly. So make sure to give them a call and make your reservation. You don’t want to risk someone taking up your spot.

Have a happy and loving Valentine’s Day!

In the end, it doesn’t matter which one of these top Manhattan spots for Valentine’s Day you opt for. All that matters is that you spend this day with someone who you love or like. When you look back on this day many years from now, you won’t remember the place – you will remember the person. So as long as you have the right person by your side, you have nothing to worry about! From our Divine Moving and Storage NYC team, we wish you a great and loving Valentine’s Day!

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