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It’s not easy to choose a neighborhood in NYC as there are too many good options. When looking for a place to live, you must pay attention to neighborhoods safety, housing prices, transportation, proximity to a workplace, etc. It’s almost impossible to find a neighborhood that has all these qualities. For this reason, before you start your search, you should set your priorities first. If you don’t want to spend many hours commuting to work, then you should look for a neighborhood close to your job. Also, if you are planning to have children soon, then your choice should be a neighborhood that is safe and close to schools. If that is not enough, you also need to prepare a relocation with Divine Moving and Storage NYC. But luckily, you are moving to NYC, and here are the top NYC neighborhoods for young professionals.

What are the top NYC neighborhoods for young professionals?

Finding a good neighborhood as a young professional in NYC is not an easy task for many reasons. The first reason is the sheer number of neighborhoods that NYC has. Manhattan just has 53 neighborhoods while Queens has 91. NYC has over 200 neighborhoods in total which is a huge number. Also, NYC is an expensive city for living in. For this reason, paying rent and other living costs is very hard to do with one salary.  NYC apartments are notoriously small without enough storage space. For this reason, you can rent Manhattan storage NYC if you have more items than storage space in your new home. But before you get to worry about your apartment size, you first need to find a neighborhood such as:

  • Murray Hill, Manhattan
  • Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Astoria, Queens
  • Upper West Side, Manhattan
two girls searching for top NYC neighborhoods for young professionals
There are many good neighborhoods in NYC for young professionals

The first good neighborhood for young professionals is Upper East Side

This list must start with a neighborhood located in Manhattan. Manhattan is the most popular borough in NYC and has 53 neighborhoods. All of these neighborhoods are good for living, but Upper East Side is especially good for young professionals. There are many things that make Upper East Side an attractive place. The first advantage is that you can find reasonably priced apartments and also luxurious townhouses. The average monthly rent is around $2000 which is not high for Manhattan. Another great aspect of living here is the low crime rate. However, this doesn’t mean that Upper East Side is boring. This neighborhood is very close to many famous attractions such as Museum Mile, New York Philharmonic, etc. But the most famous attraction is Central Park. For this reason, after you finish your relocation with the Manhattan moving company, you should take a walk every morning in beautiful Central Park.

Upper West Side is also a good choice for young professionals

Upper West Side is maybe more suitable for young people as it’s more colorful and active than Upper East Side. Many young people live here as this neighborhood is close to Juilliard School of Music and Columbia University. For this reason, most students and graduates live here which reflects a more dynamic atmosphere on Upper West Side. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $2800 which is pretty high. However, this price is nothing strange as the Upper West Side is located near Central Park and is a part of Manhattan. Aside from pretty high renting prices, there are many benefits of living here such as great public transport, shopping places, entertainment opportunities, etc. You should consider moving here with Upper West Side movers this year.

a picture of Central Park during day
Upper West Side is one of the top NYC neighborhoods for young professionals

Queens also has many good neighborhoods for young professionals

While Manhattan is the most famous and attractive borough, other boroughs such as Queens also have good neighborhoods. Astoria is the most mentioned neighborhood when talking about top places for young professionals in NYC. Astoria is the perfect place for young and open-minded people. The overall vibe of Astoria can be described as colorful, fun, and unique. It’s a multi-cultural neighborhood that shows its Italian, Greek, and Irish roots, but also supports diversity. The biggest benefit of living in Astoria is affordable renting prices compared to Manhattan. The median renting price is around $1330, but you can find an apartment from $1000 to $2000. Astoria is a very safe neighborhood for living. So, it’s pretty safe to enjoy the most visited nightlife spots in Astoria during your days off or when you want to have some fun.

Many young professionals found their home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for young professionals. There are many attractions for young people here which makes this neighborhood an ideal place for young professionals. Williamsburg is known for its trendy nightlife, hipster culture, and interesting art scene. While young professionals are not teenagers anymore, they still like a good night out. Also, there is nothing better than a full glass of vine after a long day of work. Another good aspect of living here is reasonable rent prices. The median monthly rent is around $1300 to $1400. Also, public transport is good and you can easily commute to other parts of NYC. So far, Williamsburg sounds like a good choice for you. The only drawback is the crime rates in this neighborhood. While serious crimes happen very rarely, smaller ones do happen more often than in other neighborhoods on this list.

Brooklyn bridge photo during a day
Brooklyn also has many good neighborhoods

Which NYC neighborhood you should move to?

As you can see, NYC is full of possibilities. This also applies to the choice of neighborhoods for young professionals. There are many good places, but some of the top NYC neighborhoods for young professionals are listed here. Which one to choose will depend on what you are interested in. Manhattan is usually a popular place for young professionals. However, Manhattan is also the most expensive part of NYC. For this reason, you should also consider good neighborhoods in other parts of NYC such as Queens and Brooklyn.

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