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New York is considered to be the most iconic city in the world. It also has some of the most famous and memorable landmarks. Whether you just relocated here with the help of Divine Moving and Storage NYC or are just passing through, you have to take pictures. Even if you won’t post them on Instagram, you have to take pictures in this city. But apart from the most famous sights, are there other places? In a city this big, there certainly are. And we will give you a sneak peek of places with the most potential for photo-shooting sessions.

Bow Bridge

The iconic Central Park has an even more iconic bridge called the Bow Bridge. The bridge got its name because of the beautiful bow made out of cast iron. No matter the time when you relocated with the help of Brooklyn movers, you can always take breathtaking pictures. You can:

  • Capture the beautiful colors of fall in October and November
  • Use the trees decorated with ice and snow in the winter as your background
  • See nature coming back to life in spring
  • Take lively photos in the summer
Picture of the Central Park
You can take pictures on this bridge every time of the year

Pebble Beach

This is one of the places with the most potential for photo-shooting sessions. From this spot, you can take beautiful beach pictures, and see the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge. Apart from the amazing views it offers, it is also a place to relax after moving with one of the moving companies Queens. The best time to visit this spot is obviously in the summer, especially during the sunset.

The Dakota might be one of the places with the most potential for photo-shooting sessions

The Dakota might be one of the most famous buildings in NYC and a must-see for tourists. This building became extremely popular after the murder of John Lennon, which took place at its entrance. If you are a Beatles fan or architecture lover, you will have to come here after relocating with one of the moving companies Astoria to take some amazing pictures.

5 Points

New York is famous for its graffiti, artwork, and some of the best local movers NYC apart from many other things. At 5 Points, graffiti is still fully legal, so you can see some amazing artwork here. Artists from all over the world come to display their skills and talent and 5 Points, attracting people from across the globe.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

If you are a nature enthusiast, visiting this place after your move with some local movers Manhattan is a must. But be cautious, you might take a few hundred! The garden is 52 acres in size and it has many plant varieties, including water lilies and Japanese hydrangeas. The spring is the best time to visit this garden if you want to take some colorful pictures.

Picture of water lilies
Nature enthusiasts will love this sight

Top NYC places with the most potential for photo-shooting sessions – conclusion

New York City has so many places with the most potential for photo-shooting sessions that it can be overwhelming. Many of the places above are much better than the mainstream landmarks because they are not so crowded. Find more information about New York City before you start photo-shooting sessions. We hope you will have fun visiting the sights and taking some amazing pictures!


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