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When you decide to relocate to New York City, it is important to decide where you are going to live. New York is a large city that really can offer a lot to anyone. Some might say that it is the capital of the world. The fact is that they would not be wrong. This multicultural place is home to people with all kinds of interests, affinities, and wants. So, in the case that you are a single who is moving to Manhattan, you are probably going to want to decide where you are going to live before you arrive. So, today, we are going to take a look at the best areas for singles. In fact, we are going to focus on one area in particular – the Upper East Side for singles. So, bear with us till the end to find out what the perfect neighborhood for you is.

Central park
Upper East Side is very close to the Central Park

What is the Upper East Side like?

Before we get into details on the subject of the Upper East Side for singles, let’s first take a look at the most important characteristics of this part of New York. 

The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan that is bordered by 96th Street to the North, Central Park and the Fifth Avenue to the West, East River to the East, and 59th Street to the South. While it has for long been one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Manhattan, it is still a vibrant and attractive area to live in. While we are going to taking a look at what it can offer to the singles living in NYC, it is important to point out that the Upper East Side is a residential area that attracts families who like and can afford a bit more room for themselves.

Nowadays, this part of New York is considered one of the affordable parts of the city for living. However, it is important to bear in mind that this is New York that we are talking about. So, what can be considered affordable here can oftentimes be far less in other cities. Bear this in mind when you decide to hire quality movers to help you relocate here. The wave of gentrification has been splashing the neighborhoods of New York for years now. Upper East Side has been swept with it as well.

Upper East Side for singles

Now that you know where this part of the city is, it is the best moment to focus on why we are here. Let’s see what you should expect after hiring an Upper East Side moving company to help relocate you as a single here.

Upper East Side for singles is great for brunch
Follow our piece of advice if brunch is what you are looking to get at the Upper East Side

In the case that you are a single moving to the Upper East Side, the following are the places to hit to meet other singles in the area:

  • The Penrose
  • Caledonia bar
  • The Milton NYC
  • Bondurants
  • Yura on East End
  • The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites
  • Serena’s Wine Bar-Cafe

Obviously, these are just some of the places that you should consider paying a visit to. However, in the case that you are a resident of the Upper East Side and can suggest a bar or a cafe that you like visiting, make sure to tell us about it in the comments.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the bars that we have mentioned above.

The Penrose

The first place on our list of places that you should visit is The Penrose.

This gastropub is the perfect place for all of you who have recently completed a professional relocation and are into brunch, delicious meals, and tasty cocktails. While this bar leans towards a more hipstery side, it is a wonderful place for everyone who is looking for a nice pass time with their crew.

Caledonia Bar

Our next suggestion is the cozy and lively Caledonia Bar.

If The Penrose was the place where you would go for brunch, then Caledonia is the place where you would go if you are into stiffer drinks. They have a very good selection of scotch, but other spirits as well. Ultimately, in the case that you are uncertain of what you should get, you should go ahead and ask a bartender for a recommendation. They are knowledgeable and eager to help.

The Milton NYC

For all of you who are into a more laidback atmosphere, The Milton NYC is the Irish pub that you should consider visiting. This is also one of the great spots for brunch. In the case that you are looking for a recommendation for a desert, we would suggest trying the cottage pie. We have never made a mistake when we tried it. Therefore, we are very confident that it is going to be a good option for you as well.

pint of beer
Great beer selection!


For all of you beer lovers, we have prepared a place for you as well. Bondurants boasts an amazing selection of beers that promises to put you into touch with something new any time you are there. The owner is very eager to ensure that his guests are happy with their drinks. So, go ahead and be open with the people who work here. They can help you choose the top drink for you. In this atmosphere, there is no way that you will make a mistake. Just do not drink one too many!

The Upper East Side is really great for singles!

As you have seen, the Upper East Side for singles is great! It is the place to get to know! Still, even when you start a family, there is no need to move away from here. It is also a family-friendly part of Manhattan that you should enjoy all the time. So, go ahead and start exploring as soon as possible!


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