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Moving to NYC comes with one difficult decision – where you should live. What makes this decision so hard is the fact that NYC has many great neighborhoods to choose from. It’s not a simple choice, but certainly, a fun one to make. NYC is divided into five boroughs:  The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan. You can organize your move to any boroughs of your choice with Divine Moving and Storage NYC. However, Manhattan might be to most famous and sought-after part of NYC. This also means that Manhattan is the most expensive borough in NYC. Additionally, Manhattan is more divided into many neighborhoods which all are equally charming and interesting. It’s not easy to choose the winner from Upper West Side vs Manhattan. Here are a few facts about Upper West Side and Manhattan that can help you with your decision. 

 Upper West Side vs Manhattan – what is a better choice for you? 

NYC is the largest city in the US with an estimated population of 8,250,000. Also, NYC is the most densely populated city in the US. These facts only show how much NYC is big in numbers but NYC also represents the world center of economy, finance, entertainment, research, technology, education, politics, etc. This all can sound really intimidating especially if you are coming from a small city. You might be wondering how you are going to survive and thrive in New York City. However, you shouldn’t worry much as NYC is divided into five boroughs that operated like small cities on their own.  

  • Manhattan- the most popular and expensive one 
  • Brooklyn- the most populated borough 
  • Queens- the largest and fastest evolving borough 
  • The Bronx- the most cross-cultural district 
  • Staten Island- it’s actually an island 

Each one of these boroughs has something unique to offer. You will do well to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each one before you come to a definite decision.

NYC during the day
NYC is the most popular city in the world

Neighborhoods in Manhattan 

The most famous neighborhoods in NYC are located in Manhattan. Furthermore, some of the NYC neighborhoods with the best schools are in fact in Manhattan. Which neighborhood you are going to choose depends mostly on your budget and desires. First, Manhattan is divided into three areas 

  • Midtown 
  • Uptown 
  • Downtown 

Notable neighborhoods in Midtown Manhattan are Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen, Madison Square, and many more. The most famous attractions of NYC like Times Square, Empire State Building, and Fifth Avenue are located in Midtown. Neighborhoods in Uptown Manhattan that you should know are Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, Harlem, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and others. Downtown has NoHo, SoHo, Nolita, Lower East Side, and many others. It’s not easy to choose the right one when you have so many choices in front of you. 

Upper West Side vs Manhattan- Housing options in Manhattan 

When you first move to Manhattan, you will probably live in a rented apartment. Additionally, there are common types of apartments that you can find in Manhattan. Most often in your search for an apartment, you will come across the following.

  • Micro Apartments – which are consisted of big windows, kitchenettes, balconies, and some storage space 
  • Convertible – it has enough space for one more room that could be used as a bedroom or dining area 
  • Studio – its open-concept space with a full bathroom 
  • One Bedroom – it has one separated room from the rest of the apartment 

Bigger apartments are Classic Six, Railroad, Loft, etc. These bigger ones are harder to find. Therefore, they are more expensive to rent. As you will most likely rent smaller apartments, you might not have enough storage space for your belongings. For this reason, you should rent storage units Manhattan until you find a bigger apartment for yourself. 

street in NYC
Most people rent an apartment in NYC

Upper West Side vs Manhattan- Is Upper West Side good for you? 

Upper West Side is an ideal neighborhood for young people in their 20s and 30s as it’s close to Columbia University. It’s located between Central Park and the Hudson River and is mostly a residential and affluent neighborhood. Additionally, it has great public transport with easy comminuting to midtown or downtown. There are two subway lines, taxi services, and Citi Bike that are all easily accessible. As this neighborhood is mostly residential, it’s considered a safe neighborhood with low crime rates. You will be able to enjoy relaxing walks without having to worry about your safety. Furthermore, you can hire Upper West Side movers to help you with your future move. When it comes to housing costs, Upper West Side is more of an expensive neighborhood. The average renting price for a studio apartment is $2,300 while for a three-bedroom is $7,500. 

What are the attractions of the Upper West Side? 

Upper West Side residents can enjoy various types of attractions going from nighttime fun to more cultural type of fun. When you are done settling in your new home in this neighborhood, you should visit the following.

  • Time Warner Center 
  • Columbus Circle 
  • Lincoln Center with The Metropolitan Opera House 
  • NYC Ballet 
  • Beacon Theatre 
  • Westside Comedy Club 
  • The Museum of Natural History 
  • Children’s Museum of Manhattan 
  • American Folk Art Museum 
  • The Museum of Arts and Design 

As you can see, you won’t have a problem filling up your free time with many visits to museums, theatres, and shopping centers. Additionally, Upper West Side also has a great choice of local restaurants with a more laid-back atmosphere. Also, you can find countless bakeries on almost every corner of this neighborhood. 

a big theater with glass windows
There are many attractions to see and visit

Which neighborhood is best for you? 

Choosing between Upper West Side vs Manhattan is not easy. Upper West Side is more suited for families with kids as you can find at least five middle and elementary schools and three high schools with great ratings. Additionally, Juilliard School is located in this neighborhood and it’s also very close to Columbia University. No matter what you choose, it’s important to prepare your move well first. Furthermore, when preparing your move to Manhattan or Upper West Side, you should hire a moving company, declutter your belongings, find packing supplies, and set your moving budget. Give yourself enough time to prepare everything slowly. 


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