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Ever since we are kids, our parents have taught us that education is one of the most important things in our lives. Picking up a good school or college is a really big decision, whether we are making it by ourselves or parents are doing it for us. The best place to search for good schools is in the Big Apple and there are a lot of NYC neighborhoods with best schools. So if you have chosen one of them to go to, Divine Moving and Storage NYC will make all of that process much easier.

List of some of the NYC neighborhoods with best schools

Many of you are dreaming of moving and living in a great city. Some of you eventually realize that this city is maybe too much for you. But luckily, NYC has some of the best neighborhoods that you can live in and still be close to the center of the city.

Some of the NYC neighborhoods with the best schools are next:

  1. Upper East Side,
  2. Upper West Side,
  3. Downtown,
  4. Chelsea and of course
  5. Brooklyn

Picking one of them will not be a mistake. These neighborhoods are best known for locating some of the best educational systems in NYC.

University library with a lot of books
NYC neighborhoods with the best schools will give you a chance to improve.

Long Island-one of the NYC neighborhoods

If you have chosen to move and live here, you need to know that you are doing the right thing. Long Island, as one of the areas with the best schools, will give you not only the opportunity to feel like you have been there your entire life but will also make you want to discover some new parts of it.

List of the things you need to know about Long Island

Long Island is nowadays a really popular place to live in. It is some of the best places for living, studying and having fun. Things that you need to know when you’re relocating to LI are next:

  • There is not a lot of traffic. Well, maybe there is, but with the nine bridges and about 13 tunnels, the connection between Long Island and other NYC neighborhoods is really good.
  • There are tons of restaurants, bars, coffee places, and parks where you can relax.
  • You can feel all of the fourth seasons here because summers are really hot and winters can be cold. You will not always want to go to the mountains to feel that cold breeze you miss so much after the hot summer.
  • It is a great place for shopping.
  • Throughout the whole year, you can find any sort of entertainment such as fishing, swimming, sailing, hiking, and riding horses in the warmer months.

So if you decide to relocate to this area, you are lucky. Because, moving companies Long Island have a lot to offer, from packing to moving.

But there is one thing that tells us why Long Island is one of the best NYC neighborhoods with the best schools. There are over 20 high schools located in this area. You can choose any out of many. An important thing to know about students here is that they have outstanding scores in math.

Teacher with the book and the board with some calculations on it.
Learning and having outstanding scores in math is just one of the things high schools in Long Island can offer you.

Preparing for move

Moving to the NYC neighborhoods with the best schools is a great opportunity. Being able to choose the one you want or just to be accepted in one of many schools in these areas is a great privilege. Picking up a good moving company is also one of the things you need to cross from your checklist when you’re about to move.

How to pick a good moving company

Some of the things you need to pay attention to when you are finding a good moving company are to check out does the company has a license and does it have insurance.
And since we are living in a time where you can find anything online, check out and read some of the reviews and comments about the company you are choosing. Divine Moving company has it all and it is here to help you. We can provide you with anything your relocation might require, from top-quality moving boxes to convenient services that will make your relocation all but effortless. Get in touch with us today!

White paper with blank space to fill when moving to NYC neighborhoods with best schools
When you’re preparing to move to NYC neighborhoods with best schools, make the checklist with the most important things to do.

Quick guide for packing when moving to NYC neighborhoods

Here are some tips for moving to NYC neighborhoods with best schools, whether you are about to move far away from home or just around the corner one thing that you can definitely rely on is that service of the local movers Manhattan will be a huge help to you.

If you’re about to go send your kid to high school and your entire family is about to relocate, pay attention to this bullet list: here are the tips for effective packing:

  • Pack room by room. Try not to mix the dishes and the clothes together. It will not only make it difficult to unpack but you might also destroy some of your stuff.
  • Label boxes with the name of the rooms from which you’re packing stuff.
  • You might also want to label boxes that have a glass or anything breakable in them.
  • If the place you’re about to move to is a smaller one, you might want to consider donating some of the clothes you’re are not wearing or you are not going to wear anymore. This gesture can make some people really happy and warm.

If you’re going to college in NYC neighborhoods, you will have to pack and bring some stuff with you. The school dorm might be a little bit smaller than your home or the place where you have lived before. So you will have to choose which stuff you are going to bring with you.
Remember that in these neighborhoods you already have everything that you need, so you will not have to overpack.
Try bringing just the stuff you really need, such as clothes and books you need to study from.
However, if you want to pack something valuable, make sure those boxes are labeled and secured.

Choosing a great school is an opportunity that many of us don’t have. Being able to live and study in some of the NYC neighborhoods with best schools is a privilege. So choose wisely and go through your education with an open mind and heart full of joy.

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