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Do you want or do you need to move your business to another city or even country? Congratulations if you are growing and going forward. Assuming you have a great staff, you will probably want to keep them, at least some of them. There are ways to motivate employees to relocate so you won’t lose them. By keeping your employees motivated and working, your day-to-day business won’t be affected too much. When you evaluate the worth of your employees you will see which one of these incentives you can offer to them. Commercial relocation is one of the hardest relocations to prepare. For this reason, you will get help from your employees and the best movers in Manhattan as well. Only with combined effort, your relocation will be successful and won’t last very long. Therefore, your goal is to find a good moving company and keep your employees motivated.  

How can you motivate employees to relocate? 

Employees are the key factor for a successful business. Additionally, if you want your business to grow and expand, you need to have competent and skillful employees. For this reason, when you are planning to move your business to a new relocation, you will need your trusted employees to get your business to work again and grow even more. Now, if you are moving your business long-distance with the moving companies NYC, some of your employees might not be pleased with your decision. If commuting is not possible, your employees will either need to move or find another job. Also, preparing for a relocation is often hard and very stressful. For this reason, you should find ways to keep the motivation high of your employees by doing the following: 

  • Communication 
  • Including them in relocation 
  • Offering benefits 
  • Higher salaries 
woman and man sitting together
Without motivation, you can’t succeed in anything

When to start preparing for your business relocation? 

You can hardly move your business in a couple of days. Moving preparation takes time and the estimated time is around a month or two. Of course, it will all depend on how big your office is, who is helping you, etc. For this reason, you should start preparing for your relocation at least a month or two in advance. This is also the time when you should book your professional movers. However, if something unexpected happens and you need to move earlier than planned, there are professional movers who specialize in emergency moving. Your employees should be notified right away at the beginning of moving preparation. Don’t keep them in the dark or try to prepare for a relocation behind their back. They should be included in every process of moving preparation.  

Keep them included in the relocation process 

No matter how small or big your business and your staff are, you have to keep them included in the whole process. Organize meetings with them and professional office movers NYC to share details of relocation. This is very important because they will feel like an important part of your business, as they are. They won’t feel left out, and they can help you a great deal. You can plan an office relocation together and, in the meanwhile, you can understand what they expect and need shortly. Use that time to see which way is the best to motivate employees to relocate. Everyone has a different life situation and if you understand it correctly, you will have a better chance to help them and your business. Always acknowledge their good work and if you have an opportunity, you can reward them. 

One of the ways to motivate employees to relocate is communication
Meetings are an excellent way to keep your staff involved in the relocation process.

How to pack your office items? 

Packing is the biggest and probably the hardest part of moving preparation. For this reason, you should first make a moving plan. If you are planning to get a full-moving service, then professional movers will do all the work for you and bring packing supplies. The other option is that you get moving boxes Manhattan and professional movers only do the packing. However, there are other tasks you should do before the movers arrive. You should make an inventory and decide which items to move right away and which ones to keep in storage. Another important task is to declutter your office items. As these tasks take time and effort, your employees should also help you out. For this reason, you or some of your employees should divide tasks and supervise how the work is done.  

What to do with items you won’t move at this moment? 

It might seem at first glance that you don’t have many items in your office. However, when you start making an inventory, you will notice that there are many more items than you anticipated, especially if you have a big office. Moving all items at once can be very expensive. Additionally, there is a possibility that some of your office items can’t fit in your new office at the moment. For this reason, you should consider keeping long term storage until you move or sell them. Storage space is very useful to have in many situations. A business that deals with sales has the most benefits of having a storage unit. You can keep additional goods in a storage unit if they are out of season or until you decide to sell them.  

white and blue storage units that can help with motivate employees to relocate
Storage units are very useful during business relocation

A relocation package is the best way to motivate employees to relocate 

There are numerous options and types of relocation packages. Your company has no obligations to cover expenses for the relocation. Everything depends on how much it is worth to keep your workers and also how much you can afford in order to motivate employees to relocate. Besides, you will decide what kind of package you will offer different levels of employees. However, some employees are worth much more than a few relocation packages. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to decide which employees you should let go of and which ones to keep. Not all employees want to move with you or commute longer to work. For this reason, you should consider offering relocation packages to your employees when you are moving your business with local movers NYC. The relocation package can include the following: 

  • Some or all moving expenses 
  • Long-term job offer 
  • Temporary housing 
  • Finding a home 
  • Help to move their family 

Moving expenses 

Moving expenses are one of the largest parts of the package that needs to motivate employees to relocate. You can cover some of the expenses or you will probably cover all of the expenses. In some cases, companies give a so-called lump sum. This is a fixed payment that you give directly to your employees and it covers all moving expenses. It doesn’t really matter if they will use it to pay for relocation or 24 hour storage Manhattan. This is the most popular solution to motivate employees to relocate because it is in a way the easiest one. It offers your workers flexibility to decide on spending money. They are not obligated to spend all of it on moving. Also, your employees don’t have to help with moving office if they don’t plan to continue working for you.  

car driving on road
Cover transportation costs for the whole family to motivate employees to relocate.

Delegate jobs  

 Don’t forget to delegate tasks if you want to relocate easily and stress-free. Nobody can do everything by themselves. Make a detailed plan for every part of the relocation process. This is a good way to motivate employees to relocate and to feel sure they know what to expect. Hire a moving company for packing services NYC, but make sure that everybody has a task for packing and unpacking in your new office. A reliable moving company will help you to make a floor plan so you can continue as soon as possible with your business. Also, a person in charge will oversee other people’s work and point out some irregularities. You can’t try to prepare for a relocation, divide tasks, supervise your employees’ work, and maintain your business. Therefore, it’s very important to divide tasks equally and put some in charge.  

Benefits are one of the ways to motivate employees to relocate 

 A higher salary or another type of benefit will surely be a good way to motivate employees to relocate. You will achieve your goal if your workers are feeling appreciated and valuable. Office relocation should be an improvement and progress for everybody involved. Make sure that they understand the upside of this relocation. If some of your employees decide to leave you, you can also offer them support. Don’t leave them alone, so you can give them a letter of recommendation or connect them with some other companies. This will also earn you a reputation as a good employer and higher ratings for your business. Who knows, some of your employees might change their minds after some time and decide to work with you again. For this reason, it’s important to be on good terms with all your employees.  

benefits are one of the ways to motivate employees to relocate
Offer better deals to your employees

Long-term job offer 

This one speaks for itself. When you offer your employees a long-term commitment, they can easily decide to relocate. Some companies help them to find a job for their spouse and it is known to be a great way to motivate employees to relocate. Also, a new position or more responsibilities come with a long-term job. Of course, with more responsibilities comes a higher salary as well. For this reason, you need to decide if you can afford to pay relocation and higher salaries for your employees. Suggesting higher salaries when your business starts earning more money is available. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep and be honest with your employees. Communication and honesty are key to successful business relationships.  

Temporary housing or a new home 

Temporary housing is actually rental that is fully equipped and ready to move in. They won’t be pressured to find a home before they arrive at a new place. The location and size of temporary housing will depend on your agreement with your employees. High-level positions will probably expect more luxury. However, you and your employees need to find new homes before the relocation is over. You can help your employees to find new homes or direct them to a good real estate agent. When you offer a relocation package that includes finding a new home, you are actually offering to cover the cost of transportation, hotel, or rental. Set up a reasonable time limit if you decide on this step. Surely you want to help, but make sure that they can exploit this. 

nice big house with green grass
Help your employees with finding new homes

Be open to negotiations 

Whatever way you decide to motivate your employees to relocate, you have to be open to negotiation if you really want to succeed. When they need to move from a smaller town to a big one, like New York, it can be overwhelming. Check a moving company to see which one is the best for a long-distance move. Also, ask for advice before you agree with your employees on the terms of the negotiation. Bear in mind that you have to come up with the best solution for both sides. If your employees are happy, they are more motivated and engaged in work and your business will flourish. The key to success is to do extensive research and try to plan costs and budgets. Expert moving companies are the best possible ally for your office relocation.  

One person is not enough for a successful relocation 

As you can’t run your business alone, you also can’t successfully move. You and your employees know your office space best. For this reason, your employees are the best to help you with preparing for relocation. However, many employees don’t see the benefits of relocation. For this reason, you should try to motivate employees to relocate. Therefore, begin relocation planning on time so you don’t feel pressure and stress and therefore you will be more productive. You can use only one or a combination of these relocation packages that suit your company. Relocation is just another step in your and your employee’s career. For this reason, the goal is to finish your business relocation successfully and in the shortest time possible.  

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