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Deciding to move is a big deal. You will change your surroundings – and your whole life routine is prone to change. In addition, the moving process is very stressful and requires a lot of willpower to conduct flawlessly. What helps in this endeavor is hiring a reliable and reputable moving company. Finding a moving company with divine qualities is rare and only some fit in the mold. In this article, we will list all the traits of exceptional movers and how to reliable moving companies conduct their business. There are some companies that only care about your money and will likely scam you. We will now talk about the traits of reliable moving companies. If you want a flawless move, be sure to read this article carefully!

Traits of exceptional movers

Exceptional movers all have one thing in common, they will never disappoint you. Their work and expertise have only gotten better throughout the years. So, what are the traits of exceptional movers?

exceptional movers lift the heavy loads for you!
Avoid having to move by yourself by hiring an exceptional moving company!

Great moving companies usually exist for some time and have many a satisfied customer to prove just that. They also offer insurance to all of their customers. Another important thing about exceptional movers is that they will have all the necessary licenses for your upcoming move. In addition, they will have a lot of positive reviews on websites such as Yelp and BBB and be quite transparent about all of their dealings. Having something to hide does not really scream “reliable“, does it? Also, when looking for a Midtown moving company, make sure to see if they offer additional services. Offering additional services is the ability of your movers to adjust to the situation and do their work as they are expected to. Exceptional movers also take their job seriously and will not falter under any circumstance.

Experience of exceptional movers

Experienced moving companies are most likely to be hired by people. People love seeing someone doing hard work and making it look easy. This is one of the traits of exceptional movers. In addition, with experience comes reputation. Experienced moving companies are often known throughout the city or even the whole state. But this does not mean that young companies are not good. You can also find good movers amongst young companies if they have good reviews and awards. However, there is a much higher possibility that a company is good if they have years of experience. If a company is not good, they will most probably not last for a long time.

moving truck
Good moving companies are well equipped!

Exceptional movers offer additional services

This is where exceptional movers shine. If they are able to provide additional services on the run, then you will have no regrets in hiring them. They may not even accept to do it on the run, but the notion of offering additional services should be enough for them to grow in your eyes. If you are moving to NYC with kids, and you want special care for their toys or something, ask them and they will provide! This is the epitome of the saying “the customer is always right”. These companies are willing to set aside their profit for your satisfaction. If they are willing to do so, you will most probably have no difficulties entrusting them your belongings. In addition, exceptional moving companies also offer free estimates so you get the basic idea of how much your move would cost.

Exceptional movers have licenses and insurance

Not all moving companies have licenses for everything they do. Some of them just blatantly hide the fact that they found the bureaucracy of getting licenses to be a drag. Only good moving companies get licenses, and finding a company with one will surely create a feeling of reliability. It also means that they are respected in their line of work. When conducting a long distance move, you should check the FMCSA website whether the company has an interstate long distance license. In addition, you can check the website called BBB. They are usually dealing with reviews, but some of the companies have a BBB seal of approval. This means that they are proven to be reliable by many satisfied customers. Certainly one of the main traits of exceptional movers!

man holding glass
Exceptional movers offer additional services such as transporting fragile items

Positive reviews and awards

There are a couple of websites on the internet that are dealing with reviews. You have probably heard of Yelp, and maybe are a regular user. Then you are probably aware that reviews are very important. However, Yelp is a website with reviews for everything. If you want a specialized moving company review website, you should visit BBB. We have already mentioned this one because of their seal of approval. A BBB seal of approval means that the company has risen through the ranks and assumed the position of one of the best moving companies around! In addition, exceptional movers have probably received a plethora of awards for their outstanding service. There are annual award shows for moving companies and the best ones are awarded for the area they are the best in. Make sure to pay attention to this one. It is vital!

However, some moving companies that have good reviews turn out to be scammers. Companies with overly positive reviews can be fake. They stoop so low to create fake accounts and leave reviews in order to bait people into using their “services”. Most of the people that fall for it suffer bad service or are scammed in any other way. To check if the company is not a scam, make sure to see if they left an address and a phone number. Call them and ask if you can stop by their office to talk about your upcoming local move. If they say yes, then they are probably reliable.


As you can see, there are many traits of exceptional movers. Look for them while searching for a moving company and you will not be disappointed!

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