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Preparing for relocation is always difficult. Not only do you have to organize the people that are going to help you out and plan everything, but you need to prepare your items. Now, you can always contact local movers and hire their professional packing services NYC. But, you do not have to. With some online guides, you can learn to pack yourself properly and safely. Keep mind though, that you cannot pack without packing supplies. But, what packing supplies should you use? Well, let’s go over them so that you can start preparing for your next relocation.

Know your situation

When thinking about what packing supplies should you use, you need to be aware that there is no one solution. Different situations require different packing supplies. Therefore, you need to know how to estimate your situation in order to pack yourself properly. It is always a good idea to figure out how much packing supplies you will need and then get them before you start packing.

Making a list
You will need to list your items in order to figure out what packing supplies should you use.

Now, this is easier said than done. Estimating your relocation requires experience that few people outside the moving industry have. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do. Any estimate is better than no estimate.

How to estimate

Start off by listing all of your items. This will give you the necessary overview of what you actually need to pack. Ideally, you want to sort your items into categories which require different packing supplies. Resilient items require different packing then fragile ones, and it is up to you to get proper supplies for them. Sure, you can pack all of your items as if they are fragile, but that can be costly.

The idea here is to pack your items as safely as possible without spending too much money. If money is no issue, then you’d be much better off hiring professional movers to handle packing for you. Make a comprehensive list of your items. That way you can safely stick to it once you start looking for packing supplies.

What packing supplies should you use for different items

To give you a better idea of what packing supplies should you use, we’ve separated potential packing items into three groups. These are the most common types of items that one may have, but feel free to alter these groups as you see fit. As we have said before, every packing job is different, since the items are different. Think carefully about what you are packing and look up online how to do so properly. Only then will you be able to pack yourself without any issues.

Resilient items

Resilient items are items that require a minimum amount of packing supplies. In essence, you only need to get boxes for them or even plastic bags, and you are pretty much done. Clothes, blankets, and shoes only need to remain dry and you will be able to safely transport them. You can drop them, handle them in clumsy ways, throw them… They will remain the same. Even without any padding or wrapping.

What packing supplies should you use for books
Books are resilient, but still, need sturdy moving boxes to pack.

There are items that are resilient, but dense. Items such as books or kitchenware do not require padding or wrapping. But, you need to place them in strong boxes. If the box rips you may end up ruining your books, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

Fragile items

Unfortunately, most items are not resilient. If it were so, packing would be a breeze. And, you wouldn’t have to worry about what packing supplies should you use. But, alas, it is not so. All of your electronic devices, glass items, ceramic items, etc. Anything that is damaged or ruined by being drop should be considered fragile. You need to use both padding and wrapping for these items in order to avoid damaging them.

For some, you can use your clothes as a wrapping material. But, others require professional materials in order to remain safe. Make sure to look up online how to pack these items in order to figure out what packing supplies you will need.

Special items

These items are those items that do not fit in a box. Pianos, pool tables, and larger TVs, for instance, fall into this category as it can be quite hard to find a box sufficiently big to fit them. Those items need extra padding and wrapping as there is no container to protect them. Make sure to think about how you are going to transport them, as you may need to use extra packing supplies for different steps in transportation. You will probably need to use extra padding in the moving truck and make a cardboard path where you plan on transporting them.

Where to find packing supplies

Once you have figured out what packing supplies should you use you will need to go out and actually get moving supplies NYC. Now, the question remains, where to find them? Easy. The only thing that you need to consider is whether you want to look for free packing supplies or if you want to pay for them. Mind you, there are pros and cons to both.

Free packing supplies

Poor quality moving boxes
You can hardly control the quality of moving boxes when you are getting them for free.

You can find free packing supplies by simply visiting your local stores and asking them to save you some from their shipments. Just make sure to do so at least a month before moving day, as they will need time to save them for you. But, this isn’t always the best way to find packing supplies. Buying packing supplies give you much more options in finding good quality ones. This is especially useful for fragile and special items as you will need quite a bit of luck to stumble on the perfect packing supplies for them.

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