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What to Look for in a NYC Moving Company

Within the United States, millions of people move every year–sometimes to a different neighborhood, other times to an entirely new state. No matter how far a move is, the process is a long and exhausting challenge. Lifting heavy furniture is only one step. The logistics of moving can quickly become tedious.

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An especially challenging transition is relocating to New York. Whether the excitement or fast-paced lifestyle of NY is what drew you here or a career opportunity did, making the move is daunting with busy streets and cozy living spaces. 


Hiring a local, professional moving company in NYC to assist is an effective way to simplify the process and take a lot of stress off your shoulders. While it costs more than recruiting friends and family with promises of pizza and drinks, the advantages greatly outweigh the price. Even though we’ve all heard horror stories of bad movers, with careful consideration, you can find a reliable company that gives you peace of mind during the transition.

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When compiling your list of potential movers, a basic Internet search provides you with plenty of company names. To end up with the one you feel comfortable trusting with your valuable possessions, you need to do more digging. If you’re moving to New York, there are specific qualities you should look for in a moving company. An NYC move requires special skills and plenty of experience, but those are not the only important qualities involved. Here are some essential characteristics of a quality moving company:

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Licenses & Insured 

The paramount requirements for any moving company are proper licensing and insurance. Different types of movers have different legal requirements that vary by state, but all serve the same purpose: holding companies liable for the care of your possessions. Anyone can grab a few friends and a truck and call themselves movers, but without official certifications, you are financially responsible for any damage during the process. 

If a company on your list doesn’t have licensing and insurance, remove them from consideration expeditiously. Company websites should have information about them, but if you can’t find it, there are federal and public databases to search for mover registrations. Don’t waste your time on those without certifications. Once you have your list of licensed and insured moving companies, ensure you completely understand their coverage and protection to ensure the best option for your valuables. 

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In addition to registrations, a moving company worth its salt will have extensive successful experience moving all types of items. They should also have experience traveling a variety of distances and environments. While new businesses may have a modern vibe that attracts clientele, established companies have experience that makes them efficient and reliable. 

Of course, some moves require more than just average experience. Whether you have an antique piano or are moving to a multi-level apartment with narrow stairs and hallways, the movers you choose need specific expertise to cater to your requirements. Based on information on their websites and online reviews, you uncover their track records for efficiency, fair rates, good customer service, and the level of care for possessions.

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It’s important to consider additional services. Some companies offer specialized services for moving and storage. For example, an NYC relocation may require you to put items in storage that can’t fit in your home, making a company with combined offerings a beneficial solution. Finding a moving company in NYC or elsewhere that provides services in addition to their moving services cuts down on the time, money, and effort of finding another company to cover any other needs you may have.

Trustworthy Reviews & Recommendations  

An online search for customer reviews offers plenty of information and insightful testimonials about peoples’ experiences with a moving company. However, they may not be the most reliable. On the other hand, recommendations from family and friends are trustworthy and likely give you full disclosure on every part of their experience with a moving company, including in ways that an online forum may not.

Reliable & Transparent 

If you’d prefer to skip the effort needed to vet reviews and find recommendations, you can always go straight to the source: the moving company. Inquiring directly from the company you’re considering is a great litmus test for how reliable a company is. Off the bat, if you feel you receive reluctant or disingenuous answers to your questions, that’s a red flag. Always be prepared to move to the next name on your list. The right moving company is happy to answer any questions thoroughly and with evidence to support them. That kind of transparency is a good indicator of the quality of their services.

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Online reviews, websites, and word of mouth are great ways to investigate the service you’re entrusting with the care of your belongings. However, directly asking a provider the right questions helps you uncover any red flags. When inquiring about a moving company for NYC transitions, here are some questions to ask:

  • Have there been any complaints filed against the company? If yes, how were they resolved?
  • What coverage does the company’s liability insurance provide?
  • Can the company give you a guaranteed quote or estimated range that does not exceed a set price?
  • How long does a typical move take?
  • Does the company offer other services (like storage) in NYC?
  • Are any third parties used to move specialty items? If so, who?
  • Are there any potential additional charges not included in a quote?
  • Are there any exceptions to what the company will move?
  • What do the logistics of moving day look like?  

Discover Divine Moving & Storage 

If you need a moving company in NYC, Divine Moving & Storage of NYC is a company you can count on. Whether you’re a New Yorker moving down the block or you’re heading to the Big Apple from another state or even country, Divine movers are ready to take the load off your back by efficiently, safely moving your valuable possessions. Our storage solutions are secured with state-of-the-art technology. This ensures the best environment for your belongings with climate-controlled facilities. 

Our company has thrived for decades and can skillfully provide you with all you need for a less stressful transition to wonderful New York. We won’t tack on any extra fees or hold onto your things until an egregious payment is made. We hold ourselves to a high standard with experience and registrations to back our reliable services. Get a free quote and move with Divine Moving and Storage in NYC to experience the best.


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David Cohen, has been in moving for more than 20 years. The company David started, Divine Moving & Storage, stands apart from other NYC movers for our commitment to your satisfaction. We want you to use us again (and again, and again!) and refer your friends, family, and colleagues to us. Our dedication to your satisfactions and happiness means we work night and day to make your move hassle-free and stress-free. In other words, we want you to enjoy the best moving experience you’ve ever had–so you’ll come back to us next time.

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