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Moving is a risky business. Things can happen. Possessions can be lost and damaged. However, this should never be an excuse for bad service. Yes, things can happen that are outside the mover’s control. But, sometimes incidents also occur because movers are incompetent, not professional or even malicious. When that occurs, you should definitely not write it off as an accident. In such cases, you have to act! There are things you can do prior to this, but should all else fail, know that you can and should sue a moving company that has intentionally caused you damages.

However, while you should know that you can and should you might be confused about how. This is why we made this guide to help you out. Follow our steps and you will do just fine!

5 star review
You want a good review of a company. That is by far the best way to know they are good, honest movers.

First, how to avoid any problems in the first place

But, before we move on as to how you should go about suing a moving company, we should do some preventive work. You can skip this part of the post if the misfortune has already influenced you. However, if not, there are things to do when picking out your preferred moving companies Queens that will make sure that you can avoid having to sue a moving company, which you will agree is not the most pleasant of events.

Prevention is the key. Therefore, when you want to prevent having business a company that would do such a bad thing that it would make you sue them, you simply have to pick a more suitable company. Knowing how to pick a good moving company will make a lot of difference down the road.

So, what are the characteristics you are looking for in a moving company?

  • First off, you want your company to be licensed. Yup, this is a no brainer. You want to make sure you can trust your moving company, and, of course, you want to make sure that they are someone who will deal with any problems you might have with them. The ideal solution is not to sue a moving company, but to solve the problem without the courts.
  • Secondly, you want them to be well-reviewed. Check their reviews on such platforms as Google, Facebook or Yelp. Are they good with their customers? Do they stand by their promises? What do positive comments say, and what do negatives complain about? Remember, a 5-star review is a rare occurrence. If it is there, either they are that good or it’s simply too good to be true.
  • Finally, you want them to be clear while making a deal. Clear deals. Clear instructions. Communication has to be frequent and easy to understand, with their willingness to help you plan things out!

Trying to deal with the problem without the need to sue a moving company

So, you have been wronged by your pick among senior citizen moving companies, for example. What is your next step? How should you go about fighting for your rights as a client? Well, first off, it might not be that much of a fight.

phone to sue a moving company
Give them a call!

In case you have picked a licensed, honest moving company and they have wronged you, you are most likely to deal with the problem outside of courts. Now, we always emphasize that this should never be to your detriment. Don’t ever do this if it’s going to result in a bad deal. However, if you can deal with the problem without having to sue a moving company, you should definitely do it.

If their communication staff is not up to the task or they are unwilling to listen, then you have to move on and sue them. In other words, be ready to deal with this without calling for a judge, but if they are being illogical and harmful, then you also should not shy away from asking for what is rightfully yours!


Damages are the most common reasons someone tries to sue movers, be it international or local, senior or student movers NYC. Any damages to the possesions being transported are something that will happen from time to time, but sometimes it could have been avoided.

Take insurance! Always!

First of all, always take insurance. Any licensed company will cover some of the cost of damaged or lost goods, but it will be by the pound. This is why you need insurance.

Furthermore, be sure to report any damages right away and document them for the court. This kind of evidence will be very important in the legal proceedings to follow.

The storage unit didn’t provide protection?

One scenario that can also occur is that any long or short term storage Manhattan or somewhere else failed to provide safety that they guarantee by contract. Thing robbery, climate control failure or such events. Should this occur, you should definitely sue.

As with the previous case, insurance is the best strategy.


Imagine you just moved to your apartment in Queens. However, movers don’t want to take your stuff out of the truck until you pay the fee nobody mention before.

This is definitely a good reason to sue a moving company. Actually, this is a great reason to call the police. This is not some kind of bad business. This is extortion and it is a criminal offense!

Know your rights – the 110% rule

Finally, to sum it all up – if you can, deal with it without having to sue a moving company, but don’t shy away from it. As a small thing to add at the end of this post, we would like to introduce you to the 110% rule. This is something all movers must obey. Your cost of the move will not (or at least should not) go above 110% of the estimated cost. Many people don’t know this, and are being tricked! Don’t be one of them. Know your rights!

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