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New York is a big city, indeed. However,homes in NYC are not big at all. Actually, they are rather small, cramped, and getting ever smaller. So what do people do with all of their stuff? Well, you keep the essentials at home. Things you absolutely cannot do without. But everything else, you try to keep at any cheap storage in NYC you can find.

It makes perfect sense. The storage unit is a garage for people who don’t have one. It is a space that can be safe and secure and have your possessions while your home is clean and efficient. You can even run a business from one. Such things have been done for online selling, archives, photo studios and alike… But back on topic – how to find cheap storage in NYC?

wine cheap storage in NYC
Where would you store your wine bottles?

What is the cheap storage in NYC you need?

Whenever you are trying to get your unit from storage facility Manhattan or any other borough of New York City, you need to know the types of storage facilities in existence and what each one is for. There is not much point in listing storages. That can be easily found online. Here, we intend to educate you on how to recognize the cheap storage in NYC you need.

There are four main types. The first two are indoor and outdoor storage facilities. With indoor facilities, you get certain advantages. For example, you can access your storage unit at any time of the day, as the weather does not an effect. Furthermore, you will find that the indoor ones are also more likely to be climate-controlled storage units (we will explain this further a little bit later).

However, outdoor storage facilities offer some benefits as well. For example, you can access your unit by car. This is a very important point if you have something heavy you wish to store in there. Furthermore, outdoor is cheaper, while still offering protection from the elements to the items. The only one not protected from the rain are you while coming in for a visit…

As for the other two types of storage units. Firstly, you have specialized storage. Those are for situations like the one described in the picture. Wine cellars, bicycle storage – all those specialized units.  Finally, there are climate-controlled storage units which are a subcategory, but a very important one, as they are your best tool in the fight against moisture and mold.

Common foes

And speaking of moisture and mold… there are things to protect your items from. Now, the first thing people think about when someone mentions the security of storage units – are robbers. Burglars. Luckily, this is an extremely rare case scenario. Most storage facilities have security personnel around the clock, not to mention alarms, cameras, etc.

the contract
Always read carefully!

However, more insidious foes await…

  • Moisture. This is the most common problem that will appear in any storage facility. It can be quite difficult to control and can do a lot of damage. When looking for cheap storage in NYC, you still need quality. That is something you should absolutely not sacrifice. And where this quality is best manifested is the way the storage guarantees that the level moisture won’t become too high. If it does, it can damage the items inside and be a breeding ground for much more dangerous mold.
  • Pest. But before we go to mold, we should talk about the pest. When you are looking for affordability, you are not looking for cheap construction. Be absolutely sure that there are no mice or incests inside the storage. This will absolutely ruin whatever is that you are having inside.
  • Mold. Finally, if the moisture becomes too hight, you might run into a problem with mold. This is a serious issue that might pose health dangers, therefore, be sure to ask for an exterminator as soon as you see it. Do not try to get rid of it yourself. 

If, however, you do your best but it is the storage management that failed, you should be insured.

Always ask for insurance

This is especially true if you are searching for cheap, long term storage in NYC. Always ask for insurance. There are additional insurance options pretty much always.

And when signing the contract, read carefully. And never sign blank contracts, or possibly even worse, base anything on verbal agreements.


Just arrived via student movers NYC and are in the hunt for affordable, student budget-friendly storage. You might be surprised by what you can afford when you have discounts! Always ask for student discounts!

Integrated with movers

It doesn’t matter if they are the last minute movers NYC or pre-planned – check the service. Do they offer additional services in form of storage? Ask for it. The truth is you are probably getting the best possible service at the lowest rate, especially for short-term storage.

Maintenance and cleanup

Finally, always remember that storage can cost a lot more if not maintained. You have to go to your storage at least once a month, to check for any of the insides elements we mentioned, clean up and possibly downsize and recycle.

on the road
How often should one take the road to his or her storage unit?

If you find something to be out of order, talk to the management of the storage facility immediately.

Be smart about it

All in all, be smart when you are searching for cheap storage in NYC. Cheap is good. It means you are paying less, but cheap must refer to the price, not the quality of the storage units. While we believe that the large portion of storage units are pretty well managed and preserved, there are always those who did not do their job right. Be sure not to fall for any such pitfall.

Never buy storage from a shady company at a ridiculous price. You heard it before. If it’s too good to be true – it isn’t true. So, to sum things up: By good, cheap storage in NYC. Nothing more, nothing less.

About Author

John has been with Divine Moving and Storage in New York for nearly two decades. Starting as a young helper and climbing up the ranks to be a staple in our organization. John has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with any move or storage related needs. You can reach John or any of our associates in NYC at 212-244-4011