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If you are ready to clear out and clean your home before spring, you should prepare for decluttering your winter clothes. Keeping too many items in our homes can often be the cause of the mess. Finding a solution like a temporary storage unit can be the easiest thing to do. Winter clothes are often bulky and take a lot of space inside the wardrobe. In order to find the best way to store your winter clothes in Manhattan, keep reading. We made a list of different storage solutions you should consider.

Should you keep winter clothes at home or find storage?

In order to give an answer to this question, there are a few factors we should consider first. Depending on how many pieces of clothing you have, and how big your home is, the answer could be different. One of the most important things to have in mind is that winter clothes should always be stored in a dry and clean place. It could be your basement if is in good condition. Also, a good solution could be in-home storage, especially if you have plenty of rooms. However, if you find a reliable storage facility Manhattan has to provide, you will benefit in many ways.

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Before finding a suitable storage solution in Manhattan, make sure to know what you are looking for.

The best way to store your winter clothes in Manhattan is to find storage that works best for you. For example, if you have a few winter jackets and 3 pairs of boots, there is no point in renting storage just for these items. But, if you have an entire closet of these pieces and need to find a safe place for them, renting a small unit could be a perfect solution.

Why should you store your winter clothes in Manhattan storage?

It’s as simple as this – there are many different storage options to choose from, and many are pretty affordable. Besides this being the most efficient option, storage units also save space in your home. If you want to declutter before spring and make more room in your wardrobe, then keeping your winter clothes in outside storage could be a great idea. Storage units are perfect for people who live in small apartments or have plenty of winter gear to keep safe.

How to find a reliable storage solution in Manhattan?

With so many different options to choose from, finding the right storage unit could seem overwhelming. However, all you need to do is to make a list of your requirements and narrow down your search. If you decide to store your clothes in Manhattan storage, you will need to know what you are looking for.

No matter which type of storage you decide to rent, make sure to prepare and pack your clothes for putting it away.

First, decide what type of storage you need. You could choose between different types (public storage, self-storage) and sizes of units. On the other hand, you could also consider hiring professional movers to transport your boxes to the unit. In case you are moving last-minute and don’t have enough room for your belongings, you should be able to find movers on short notice. Keep in mind that moving companies often provide their own storage units. This is the most convenient option for people who are in the middle of the move.

Prepare your storage unit for storing inventory

No matter where you decide to store your winter clothes in Manhattan, you should prepare this type of inventory. Winter clothes are sensitive to temperature changes, pests, and moisture. This is why you should pack them in plastic bags or waterproof containers. In case you decide to rent a temperature-controlled unit, you could use standard moving boxes, too.

In case you already rent a storage unit in Manhattan, you might want to declutter your storage before spring. This is a great time to clear out space and get rid of old and unnecessary items. 

Moving off-season clothes to the storage facility

Once you decide on the best way to store your winter clothes in Manhattan, you should plan on how to transport them to the facility. If you have too many boxes to move, you might want to consider hiring a professional moving company. Some of the best movers in Manhattan offer a partial moving service where they move as few boxes as you need them to. While paying for this service, you might want movers to professionally pack your winter clothes, gear, or any other type of inventory. Keep in mind that storing clothes for almost a year can damage some pieces, especially if you don’t pack them the right way. 

Use in-home storage solutions

Besides storage facilities, there is one more way to store your winter clothes in Manhattan. If you have a house in the suburbs you could use some space in your home as storage. Since most Manhattan residents don’t live in large apartments, keeping winter clothes in another home is often necessary. If you don’t want to rent a storage unit, you should prepare your clothes, pack them and keep them safe inside the boxes or plastic bags. In-home storage can be a good solution, but most Manhattan residents don’t have enough space inside their apartments.

storage units
Quality storage units in Manhattan are temperature-controlled, and they come in various sizes.

While searching for the best way to store your winter clothes in Manhattan, many decide to use their attic or basement for this purpose. However, keeping clothes in these parts of the home is not the best solution. These are the rooms that are usually full of damp air and moisture. Also, the attic and basement are not always clean enough for keeping sensitive inventory. Instead of overcrowding your home, it’s better to find an affordable short-term storage solution in the city.


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