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Big families are not usually associated with New York City. The first image of NYC life is a small apartment. So, not really a proper home for a big family. However, over 8 million people are living in NYC and not all of them are singles or families with one kid. There are plenty of places for big families to live in NYC. You only need to find the best neighborhood for you and your family. Also, preparing for relocation with a big family can be quite hard and expensive. Doing a DIY move in this situation is not a really smart decision. You should prepare your move with help from Divine Moving and Storage NYC. But, before you start your moving preparations, here is the list of which NYC neighborhoods are best for big families.   

Which NYC neighborhoods are best for big families?  

While moving to Manhattan sounds very appealing, and it could be a potentially good match for big families. However, living costs in Manhattan are higher than in some other boroughs in NYC. You certainly already know that NYC is divided into five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Manhattan is certainly the most famous one thanks to TV shows and movies. But, every borough has good neighborhoods for big families. So, you shouldn’t focus your search only on Manhattan. It’s important that your future neighborhood is safe, has big homes for affordable prices, and has good schools for your kids. For this reason, when you are moving to NYC with a big family, you should consider the following neighborhoods.  

  • Riverdale in the Bronx  
  • Park Slope in Brooklyn  
  • Forest Hills in Queens  
  • Battery Park City in Manhattan  
  • Great Kills in Staten Island  
  • Tribeca in Lower Manhattan  
Central Park
NYC is huge so it has a lot of neighborhoods

How to choose the best one for you?  

Choosing the right neighborhood for your family is not easy. It gets even more complicated with a sheer number of available neighborhoods to choose from. There are a few factors that determine which neighborhood is good for big families. The main ones are affordability, safety, schools, and parks. However, it all comes down to how much your budget is for a new home. A big family requires a house with enough rooms for every child. You will need a pretty big budget to buy a house in NYC, especially in better neighborhoods. Also, moving is not cheap and that’s an additional blow to your budget. Therefore, find Brooklyn movers and see how much they will charge for moving services.   

Why are Riverdale, Park Slope, and Battery Park City among family-friendly neighborhoods?  

Riverdale is located in the Bronx and at the edge of North Manhattan. It’s the best neighborhood in the Bronx for families because of its affordable homes, safety, and quick commute to other parts of NYC. Additionally, Riverdale is the best place for buying a Tudor-style house with a yard or spacious houses. Brooklyn’s Park Slope is another great choice for big families. The quiet vibe of the neighborhood combined with tree-lined streets offers a great place for raising kids. Also, there are great choices of public schools in this neighborhood. Battery Park City is located in everyone’s favorite neighborhood that is Manhattan. The houses are more expensive than in other neighborhoods, but you get many benefits. The biggest one would be proximity to high-rated schools like Stuyvesant High School, Spruce Street School, Millennium High School, and others.  

NYC buildings
Manhattan has many great neighborhoods for big families

Which NYC neighborhoods are best for big families and how to prepare for this relocation?  

No one is looking forward to preparing a relocation. It’s just too hard and you have a lot of things to think about especially if you have a big family. As you can see, not even finding a good neighborhood in NYC is not easy. Therefore, you should first make a moving plan to make your moving preparation much easier. Write everything down from your budget, desired moving date, to unpacking your belongings in your new home. After you make a solid moving plan, the next step is to hire Long Island movers. Also, as you have a big family, you shouldn’t try organizing the whole relocation alone. You should give a few tasks to your family members according to their age, and free time. Preparing for a move is too big of a task to do it alone.  

How to prepare your belongings for a relocation?  

Big families usually have a lot of belongings and your family is probably not an exception. Belongings are easily accumulated especially kids’ items. However, no one really declutters items regularly. You can also count down on one hand how many times you decluttered your belongings in recent years. For this reason, you should definitely declutter your home before the move. Decluttering a home of a large family is the same as decluttering a home of a small one. The only difference is that you will need more time and help. As you will have a lot of decluttered items at the end of the process, you need to figure out what to do with them. You can donate, sell, gift them to family, and throw some items away. The future of decluttered items will depend on their condition and usability.  

family preparing for relocation and discussing which NYC neighborhoods are best for big families
You should start preparing for relocation as soon as possible

Which NYC neighborhoods are best for big families – the final answer

Finding an answer to which NYC neighborhoods are best for big families is not terribly hard. NYC is a huge city with countless neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods are more suited for big families, unlike others. For this reason, when you are searching for a good neighborhood for your big family, you need to pay attention to the neighborhood’s safety, affordability, housing options, schools, etc. Also, you have a relocation to prepare besides looking for the right neighborhood. You have many things ahead of you to take care of. But, it will all pay off when you arrive in your new NYC home and start your life in this beautiful city. 

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