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Manhattan has everything a New Yorker needs. It is the city’s economic and cultural center. So, why families move from Manhattan to Brooklyn? The truth is, both boroughs have their pros and cons. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, Brooklyn can prove to be a much better choice and here’s why.

Everyone is moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the biggest and fastest growing borough in New York City. Brooklyn movers get busier by the day. In the past couple of years, this borough has seen an influx of young families. However, it is not only a good place for families but also professionals, college grads, young couples, immigrants, artists of all types, etc. Long story short – everyone can live and thrive in this up-and-coming borough.

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There are many reasons why families move from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Neighborhoods with a distinct history and personality

A lot of NYC neighborhoods have lost their sense of community. Although we can’t say Brooklyn is completely different, some of its neighborhoods have managed to preserve their ethnic flavor. In Brooklyn, your neighbors will actually smile and say “hello”, which you can’t always expect in Manhattan.

This thriving urban area is divided into dozens of distinct neighborhoods. With a little research, you will definitely find one with a good public or private school that is also safe and walkable. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for raising a family:

  • Bay Ridge: This family-friendly neighborhood represents the perfect mix of the old and the new. It resembles a small town and has affordable housing options, which is one of the reasons why families move to Brooklyn from Manhattan.
  • Park Slope: This Brooklyn neighborhood has great schools and it is considered to be very safe. The only downside is that renting is a bit more expensive here.
  • Fort Green: This old neighborhood is more diverse and more affordable than Park Slope. Its residents are mostly middle-class families. This is one of those neighborhoods that still preserve a strong sense of community.

Affordability is a major reason why families move from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Renting or buying a home in Brooklyn can be quite affordable compared to Manhattan – you get more space for less money. Furthermore, the prices of food, entertainment, and clothing are lower, which will bring some relief to the family budget. All things considered, you can save a lot of money by moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan.

This means that you can afford one expense that will make your life much easier during this transition – hiring local Manhattan movers to help you relocate. Trust us, you do not want to do it all by yourself, especially if you have young children to take care of.  

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Although it is true that Manhattan has a lot to offer, it is far from perfect.

Brooklyn is less crowded than Manhattan

This could easily be a reason why families move to Brooklyn from Manhattan. Unlike Manhattan, Brooklyn doesn’t feel terribly congested. Apartments are bigger and they usually have an outdoor space of some sort, like a rooftop or a backyard, which is rare in Manhattan. Moreover, their parks are bigger and less crowded. There is more green space for families to spend their free time outdoors. Even the music venues are bigger.

World-class entertainment for the whole family

Sure, Manhattan is deemed the entertainment center of the world, but Brooklyn is not that far behind. Brooklyn’s streets are lined with trendy boutiques, independent coffee bars, as well as some of the best live music venues in NYC. Instead of overrated, overpriced Manhattan bars and night clubs, you can enjoy a young, lively nightlife scene that is more casual, less expensive and pretentious.

Art and culture

St. Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music, poetry readings at local cafes, public theater productions, guided walking tours, concerts in the parks, and NYC music festivals that take place in Brooklyn offer quality family entertainment, some of which is free.

Beaches and parks

In the summer, Brookyn’s beaches are full of families. All that concrete can be really overwhelming on a summer day, and the Atlantic Ocean is just a short ride away. So, why not take this opportunity to escape the burning heat? You don’t even need a car to get to the beaches, including some “hidden” ones, because you have a few convenient public transportation options.

Prospect Park, the Coney Island Boardwalk, Red Hook, Fort Greene in Clinton Hill, and the Waterfront in DUMBO are some of the places with a lot of open space where the whole family can play sports or enjoy free or almost free concerts and movies on summer weekends.

A young woman sitting on the Brooklyn bridge in the summertime, tall buildings in the background
Brooklyn is a world-class destination – one of the hottest and trendiest spots in New York City.

Community events

Brooklyn offers many free community events you can attend with your family year round. These events are a great opportunity to get to know the local community and become a part of it after moving to Brooklyn. Meeting your new neighbors will help you adjust to your new life and improve your mood, so make sure to give these events a chance, even if that’s not your thing.

Brooklyn is a foodie destination

One of the most popular community events is Smorgasburg, a weekly open-air food market in Prospect Park. It attracts 20,000-30,000 people to Brooklyn every weekend, which makes it the largest weekly open-air food market in the US. Here, 100 local vendors offer delicious, highly diverse food you simply must try.

DeKalb Market Hall is a 60,000 square foot food hall with 40 vendors. Some of those vendors are newcomers, others are classics, and there are some trendy Brooklyn eateries among them as well. In case you miss that famous pastrami sandwich from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, no worries because you can get it at A Taste of Katz’s. 

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