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NYC is a huge city and many people believe it’s not an ideal place for raising kids. So, you are probably wondering if moving to NYC with kids is a good idea. However, not every part of NYC is suitable for raising kids. NYC is made of five boroughs and numerous neighborhoods. While Manhattan is the most famous borough, it’s too expensive to be ideal for a family with average salaries. On the other hand, Brooklyn can be considered the best borough for families. Brooklyn is often overlooked by people in the terms of visiting and living there. It might even be better than Manhattan. Moving with kids is also a very stressful experience for you and your children. Luckily, if you move to Brooklyn if you are planning a family, it will come with many advantages. 

Reasons to move to Brooklyn if you are planning a family  

Brooklyn is experiencing an influx of families with kids in recent years with other young professionals, artists, hipsters, etc. Moving to Brooklyn is certainly becoming more and more popular, especially with Brookly movers. So, there is no reason why your family shouldn’t become a part of the Brooklyn community. Brooklyn is in fact the most populated borough of NYC with over 2 million residents. It was an independent city until the late 1800s and it still functions as a city on its own. Additionally, Brooklyn is bigger than most of the cities in the US and even bigger than some countries in the world. While all these facts are very interesting, you are probably more interested in information about schools and lifestyles in Brooklyn. 

  • Its diverse community  
  • More affordable living costs  
  • Many parks and open space  
  • Children-friendly  
cars on the street
There are many reasons to move to Brooklyn when starting a family

Affordable living costs 

Living costs play a huge role in choosing a place for living, especially if you are planning to have kids or already have one. Also, moving with kids is not cheap or easy. Kids often have way more belongings than you and packing will take a long time. For this reason, it’s not easy to say when it’s the right time to start packing for a family relocation. You should start at least a month or two in advance just to be sure. Packing in a hurry is not advisable and can lead to many mistakes. Brooklyn is more affordable for living than other boroughs like Manhattan or Queens. Of course, living costs are still high as Brooklyn is still part of NYC. This is not surprising since everything in NYC is pretty expensive.  

Cultural diversity is a reason to move to Brooklyn if you are planning a family  

The cultural diversity is what makes Brooklyn so special. The art scene has always been a dominant part of Brooklyn and it can be seen through many graffiti all around town. Also, don’t be surprised to see a local band performing on the streets while you are unloading your items with the moving companies NYC. Raising kids these days is more challenging with social media and influencers. Kids are not usually interested in anything more than games, computers, and social media. For this reason, living in Brooklyn can help you to turn the attention of your kids to other things like art and culture. You can take your kids to listen to live music or to see art exhibitions around the town. Who knows, your kids might fall in love with art and become famous artists one day.  

person carrying a child
It is important to raise kids in a diverse community

Education in Brooklyn  

If you are planning to have kids then you should move somewhere with good public schools and education. Brooklyn is considered a more children-friendly place than other boroughs of NYC. The strong sense of community certainly helps with this fact. The community in Brooklyn organizes various events over the year. Also, you will see many families hanging out in local parks and hear children playing. Education in Brooklyn is supported by various public and private institutions. It has a good balance of public and private schools from middle to higher education. You can be sure that your kids will have a quality education. Since there are many families with children in this area, so your kids will have plenty of opportunities to meet new friends. After all, it is important to have close friends when kids are growing up.  

How to prepare for a move to Brooklyn with a family?  

Now that you are sure that Brooklyn is a good place for raising a family, you should start preparing for a move. Preparing for a move is not easy, especially with your kids’ school obligations and activities. For this reason, you should hire movers if your budget allows it. It’s too hard to do it alone if you are working full-time and have a large household. If you can’t take a full-service move, you should hire movers at least for packing. Packing is the hardest part that also takes the longest time to complete. Additionally, there are good and bad ways to pack your items. Professional movers will certainly pack your items in a good way. But, the real question is do you know how to pack your items properly. If you don’t, you should definitely hire professional movers.  

two brown buildings where you can live after your move to Brooklyn if you are planning a family
Make sure to prepare well for a move

Moving to Brooklyn is a great decision if you are planning to have kids  

There is no doubt that you should move to Brooklyn if you are planning a family. There are many reasons why you should do it. Also, Brooklyn might be the best borough in NYC to have a family. The more affordable living costs and more spacious housing options are just a few reasons to move to Brooklyn with your family. Also, living in NYC is exciting and prestigious in some way. You can easily commute to other boroughs of NYC with your kids. Now the most important thing is to move end well and you can start your new life in Brooklyn. 


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