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Despite the fact that some limitations still remain in effect in the majority of the United States, moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions is more than doable. Of course, with all the necessary health precautions in place, for both you and your moving crew. Since March, New York State has classified moving and storage businesses as “Essential Services,” which means that residential moves are still taking place in NYC. And the people of New York are still able to relocate to live with family, quit dormitories, change residences or towns, and move into vacation homes. If you need to relocate to NYC during this time, rest assured knowing that Divine Moving & Storage NYC is following all of the CDC health guidelines and will gladly assist you with your upcoming move. We’ve also put up a list of safety recommendations to help you get about during the COVID-19 lockdown.

7 tips for moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted people’s regular day-to-day activities in the United States and abroad. As usual, people migrate despite the fact that COVID-19 restrictions are still in place in many parts of the country. Many people, couples, and families use Divine Moving for a variety of reasons, including financial strain, pre-arranged lease or settlement deadlines, and the desire to be near family members while things work themselves out. Because of this, The New York State Department of Opportunity has classified moving as an “Essential Business” within the logistics and storage categories. We are more than happy to help you with your moving process too. Now more than ever. This is why we will be sharing with you our top 7 tips for moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions in the next few paragraphs.

New York landscape
Moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions is challenging, but it is doable.

1. Scheduling your relocation

It’s important that you confirm with your structural organization that you are able to schedule a relocation within the time period you want. Remember that this applies to your get address as well as your goal. They will both confirm you may proceed. But only once you have booked your assisted lift, found a mover, and arranged your Certificates of Insurance according to standard procedure. Relocating is a necessary service. And you have the choice to leave your present location and go to a new one. You have this option.

2. Order your packing supplies online

If you don’t want to go out and purchase boxes, have your packing materials supplied. Many movers will bring moving materials like boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap to their clients when it’s convenient for them. Also, make sure to pack an essential box to have with you during the moving process. To be extra safe, don’t recycle other people’s boxes in your building’s recycling area. Contamination from unknown sources is always a possibility if you do this.

3. Hire a full-service moving company

Consider using the full packing service provided by your moving company. They will pack your belongings for you and you won’t have to do anything. If you work from home or need to coordinate your relocation from a distance, this will save you some time. A reliable option for you would be our Queens movers. Ask your moving company to ensure that the movers packing your house wear gloves and masks while they work in your home if you decide to have them pack for you. Provide hand soap and disinfectant wipes to those movers.  So they may clean as required while packing your belongings. If you are on-site, establish a separate place for you and any roommates or family members to relax throughout the packing process.

4. Keep the distance

We can’t stress this enough. Maintain a minimum of six feet between you and your movers during the procedure, wear a face mask, and disinfect your hands as required. You may communicate with them through the phone when they arrive and while they are on their way to your new house. You are welcome to bring your own pen to sign any document that does not have an electronic signature option. Of course, if you have any relevant health symptoms prior to the arrival of your movers and need isolation, most moving firms provide a completely remote alternative; nevertheless, be sure to inquire about any restrictions and conditions associated with this situation.

Two people with masks on
Do not shake hands with anyone and keep your distance.

5. Avoid touching your face while cleaning or packing

Try not to touch your face with your hands. Using a mask is not required when unpacking your boxes, but dust and allergies may be aggravated. Try to avoid wiping your eyes, touching the corners of your lips, or eating without washing your hands first. We know you are busy with the job of unpacking your home, but make sure to take a break to wash your hands if your eyes feel itchy. If the weather permits, you should consider opening your windows to enable more fresh air to enter your home.

6. Avoid contamination by using disinfectants

When unpacking goods that have been on the ground or otherwise exposed, such as in common areas or elevators, use a lot of cleaning products or disinfection to prevent cross-contamination. We also suggest that you use gloves when working with powerful chemicals. And that you wipe off exposed objects such as bed frames and wardrobes before you use them.

7. Remain cautious

Make a point of always having hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes handy even after the move is over. Unload your antibacterial cleanser for the kitchen and restroom as soon as possible. So that it’s simple for different members of the family to maintain their personal hygiene routines throughout the day. Instruct family to wear masks around your team of movers and to remain socially isolated until they have completed their relocation.

a person applying hand sanitizer - moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions is very important
Remember to stock up on hand sanitizers.

Once you’ve moved in, unfortunately, you won’t be able to host any big housewarming parties. But you may have a socially distant reunion with a few pals. Moving safely in NYC during COVID-19 restrictions is possible, but you must be cautious. Make sure to select movers that are dedicated to taking all necessary measures to keep you, their movers, and the general public safe. We highly recommend our Upper West Side movers in case you are moving to that area. Stay safe!

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