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When it comes to the renovation of your home in Big Apple, most of you do not always know where to start or how to begin. Having all on your mind, from workers to dust and stuff lying around, can give you quite a headache. But if you make a good plan and search for renovation permits in Queens, you are one step closer. You will need a notebook, pen, and a lot of patience to write down all the things that need to be done. But, one thing you do not have to think about is a company that can help you go through all of that. Divine Moving and Storage NYC will give their best to help you go with renovation smoothly.

Where to start?

Like for any job that you need to do, it is the same when it comes to renovation. Redoing your home means that all of your stuff needs to be moved away. So, first of all, you need to write down all the stuff and rooms that you want to renovate. Having it all on the paper will help you have some things under control. Being in control is helping you stay in the focus of the most important thing, getting renovation permits in Queens. And that is feeling good and happy in your living space. Another thing that can help you too is hiring moving companies Queens has. The professionals will not only give you good advice but also serious and professional help.

Woman making notes
Write down all you need to do when you want to start renovating your apartment, it will make your job easier.


How to prepare your home for renovation?

How will you prepare depends on the thing that you want to renovate. When it comes to renovating the whole house, it will take you more time, space, and money to go all through that. But if you are renovating only one room, it will take much less time but you will also need a plan. So, in case we are talking about the renovation of the whole unit, the best thing you can do is hire Astoria movers in order to help you remove all of the stuff from the house.

Packing room by room will also get you in control of the situation. By doing one room at a time, you will not only know where you have packed all of the stuff, but you will be also making space for other things to be moved. If you do not always have a room or a place where you can put all of your stuff, think about renting storage places. Not only things are going to be safe, but you will also not have to worry about space in the room for the workers to do their jobs. It can also take a while to get renovation permits in Queens, so you will have time to store all you have planed.

Storage facilities that you can use while you wait for renovation permits in Queens
Think about renting a storage place, so you can store all of your stuff while renovating.

How to get all the renovation permits in Queens?

One thing that you need to do before starting the renovation is that you need to have permission for all works that you want to do. We will write down all the things that need to have a permit before being changed and the list of the things that you do not need a permit for. But, before trusting us or any other advice that you get, call the DOB – Department of Buildings, where you can get all the information that you need. There might be something that you can file online for, so you do not have to waste time traveling and visiting the Department. Research laws in Queens that can help you make a plan for a renovation. After you pass the inspection, you are good to go.

List of the things that require renovation permits in Queens

Since renovation is a huge and big process, we cannot list you all of the things that you might think of renovating. But there are some ground rules and some typical renovation stuff that people usually do and need permits for. Those things are next:

  • Talking down walls. You need to have not only the permit but also to talk to the construction worker and see if that wall can even go down without damaging another wall or your neighbor’s walls.
  • Remodeling kitchen. For this task, you will also need advice from workers that will do the job after you get permission.
  • Remodeling bathroom. A plumber is one of the main people you should search for when it comes to this kind of renovation.
  • New windows. In case you are installing a new window, you will need few permits. Make sure you are good with your decision about placing the window in a new place because you can’t do it all the time.
taking a wall down is one of the things you need renovation permits in Queens
Do good research about the renovation permits in Queens.

List of the things you can do without permission

Lucky for you, there are some things that you can renovate without permission. But so those things too, you will have to do research in case someone might report you or in case the law has changed.
But, here are the things that you usually do not need permission for:

  1. Painting walls. Nothing can make the room look fresher than some new colors.
  2. Placing new shelves in your wardrobe. You can never get enough of the shoes and shirts, right?
  3. If the wooden floors need to be finished, you should be able to do it without permission.
  4. In case you want your light fixtures somewhere else, check it out, but you should be able to do it on your own.

We must tell you that before you even start getting your renovation permits in Queens, you should check out the budget you have. Plan it well, so that you can organize and do what is more important first. Always have on your mind that getting the full permit can take 4 weeks. So you will have enough time for making a plan. After you get it, enjoy in your new-old apartment.

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