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If you’re getting ready to relocate, arranging your stuff is almost certainly on your mind. Luckily, you no longer have to iron out every last detail on your own in the digital era. These few storage inventory apps may assist you in being incredibly organized and in complete control of the items you store, their whereabouts, and who is in possession of them. Keeping track of and storing stuff is easier than ever with technology on your side.

Best storage inventory apps you must try

These days there are a number of apps that can help you keep track of all your inventory. Whether you need help keeping up with all your office documentation or household items. There is an app for everything. And in today’s post, we’ll go over some of the best storage inventory apps. For both your business and your household. But if you need a storage service outside of the digital world, know that Divine moving and storage is always here for you.

App Store icon
Your app store is full of useful apps that can help you keep track of your inventory.

3 Excellent business storage inventory apps

Businesses have stringent storage requirements, particularly when offices relocate or when massive shipments of items are required. These storage programs were created with the express purpose of meeting these high organizational requirements. When you are in a hurry during the midst of relocating, our 24 hours storage Manhattan can assist you in storing your office equipment and documents short term. Without further ado, here are our top 3 picks for the best storage apps.

1. Sortly

Throughout the workday, critical equipment is routinely exchanged. Sortly has tallied more than 15 million items for businesses worldwide. With Sortly, you can use photographs to browse your inventory rather than onerous spreadsheets. Through the cloud, all data is automatically synchronized across various devices. Everyone in your organization may check out products quickly and easily. They just have to scan barcodes or QR codes. These codes are immediately associated with items recorded in folders.

2. Inventory+

Inventory+ enables businesses to manage their whole inventory with a simple and configurable app. There are two reasons why this app is one of the best. Firstly, with Inventory+ you can customize all your goods. You can add up to twenty different field kinds and export data to spreadsheets or PDF files for easy distribution. And secondly, this program allows you to attach images to individual items, record voice notes, track locations on a map, and create handwritten notes. If you need additional storage space in real life, you can also use our inventory storage in New York City.

a girl downloading apps on her phone
Downloading and making use of some storage inventory apps will save you a lot of time.

3. Stock Inventory Control

Stock Inventory Control enables users to create a list of products, organize them, and correlate them with specific storage locations. This simplifies the process of allocating inventory and determining the value of an item. The app’s integrated search capabilities make it simple to find and locate goods. Moreover, this app simplifies and streamlines the process of handling many stocks concurrently. When sharing data, utilize Stock Inventory Control to export your inventory to a CSV or PDF file. Additionally, data transmission to other iOS devices is supported.

Best home and personal use storage inventory apps

Additionally, residential customers benefit from storage applications. Relocation is one of the most difficult events in a person’s life, and it takes a great deal of time. These applications help you remain organized and keep track of your possessions. However, if you’re in need of non-digital storage, make sure to contact Manhattan storage as they have one of the best services out there.

Home Contents

Homeowners, apartment dwellers, and everyone in between will appreciate how accurately Home Contents records their possessions. Do you have a limited amount of time on your hands? Use the camera entry mode to capture a complete room and add details afterward. Many people keep track of the worth of their possessions for insurance purposes. This software maintains information such as receipts, purchase dates, the worth of the item, the manufacturer’s warranty information, and serial numbers. You can export data through a spreadsheet or pdf and save it in a private iCloud storage space to ensure you never lose anything.

iCollect Everything

iCollect Everything is the premier inventory management software for domestic storage needs on the iPhone. It is a very flexible program that may be used in conjunction with the iPad or Mac apps. With a simple scan or search, you can quickly locate everything in your inventory. Establish distinct sections for things such as collectibles and sewing supplies. All data is securely stored in the cloud and is simply filtered, sorted, and imported.

Nest egg

Numerous news organizations, including ABC, the Boston Globe, and CNBC, have lauded the Nest Egg application. Discover why this software has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people to store over 6 million things.  With Nest Egg, you can create inventories for various product categories, scan barcodes, and automatically submit product information using the easy, user-friendly interface. You’ll never again lose track of your most valuable possessions with Nest Egg!

Magic Home Inventory

With straightforward navigation and a logical inventory structure based on common household items, Magic Home Inventory makes it simple to keep track of everything you own. Sort by area or container, build personalized item lists, and categorize goods into 15 distinct primary categories and over 300 subcategories. This is one of the greatest Android storage applications, so make sure to download it if your smartphone runs on this operating system.

two people creating a list with two laptops in front of them
It’s important that you have a list of all of your inventory on your phone.


Encircle is a multi-purpose inventory tool that may be used to track personal things, organize objects, document fieldwork, and securely save object values for insurance purposes. It is equally useful at home as it is in the office. You can maintain a detailed inventory of the contents of your house. So that you can make a strong claim in the event of a flood or fire. In seconds, export data to a pdf report and communicate critical information. Additionally, Encircle allows users to organize virtual and on-site property inspections.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most widely used and accessible storage inventory apps. You can use it for storing and sharing data among users of various operating systems and devices. This program automatically syncs all of your devices’ data to a secure cloud storage service. You can share inventory data, as well as images, videos, and documents stored digitally, using Google Sheets, a Google Drive tool. Keep these files private or provide access to them to other users.

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