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Choosing between neighborhoods can be really tough. You need to observe a lot of factors and take everything into account. You might choose based on the cost of living, urban area, or just how good the education is. However, the bigger is the number of people who will be affected by the relocation, the more important it gets. You need to satisfy all your family members’ needs and make sure you choose well when choosing between Chelsea vs. Queens for big families.

 When it comes to Chelsea vs. Queens for big families, both neighborhoods have their perks

If you have to decide between Chelsea vs. Queens for big families like yours, you should understand that both of these places have some really nice sides to them. Both are very well developed and constantly improving. Living in both of these places can be described as peaceful and filled with opportunities. However, it’s time to see which one suits you better before you schedule a relocation with Divine Moving and Storage NYC.

A big family is posing for a photo.
When choosing between Chelsea vs. Queens for big families, a person should look at all pros and cons.

What’s better about Chelsea in the “battle” of Chelsea vs. Queens for big families

Once your Chelsea moving company relocates you to Chelsea, you will encounter a lot of attractive elements. There are great food and drink facilities and entertainment buildings. However, the best way to begin is by addressing education and recreation:

  • Chelsea Piers is a perfect place to try out more than 20 different sports, to host special events and birthday parties for your loved ones. So, the whole family can find stuff to do in this entertainment complex. There are activities for both adults and youth.
  • It’s been more than 30 years since this neighborhood got a new park. That was until Chelsea Green opened.
  • There are many attractions like Camp and Hudson Yards that keep the place alive and active.
  • Chelsea is famous for its exceptional choice of food and drink places where you can enjoy some of the most refined tastes in NYC.
  • Public schools are above average and your kids will have a really good opportunity to enjoy public education in Chelsea.
  • It’s a very open-minded area with a lot of tolerance towards different races, religions, and cultures. Don’t worry if you are in any way unique.

You can always search Queens better and find what you need to know personally.

A family is eating lunch around kitchen table.
Usually, Queens is seen as a better option for bigger families and Chelsea is for single people.

What makes Queens a better choice between the two?

If you choose to move to Queens, your Queens movers can take you to quite a few locations. Queens is separated into segments and most of them are already famous for being suitable for big families which is good to know when choosing between Chelsea vs. Queens for big families.


Bayside is a relatively big area, and it’s one of the most suitable neighborhoods for big families in Queens. It’s a really affordable option for families with the majority of single home rentals going less than $1,900 a month. It would be a great choice for when Queens in Chelsea vs. Queens for big families, as the neighborhood holds some of the best public schools in Queens.

Long Island City

Many manufacturers are located in Long Island City. Now, it is home to one of the City’s fruitful art scenes. There aren’t many things you will miss after moving from Manhattan to Long Island.

Forest Hills

This area is one of the best neighborhoods for big families in Queens. As a family-friendly neighborhood, Fores Hills is adored by its residents for safety, large green areas, and great opportunities for education.


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