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There comes a time when you just have too much stuff in your home. This is the perfect time to start looking for a storage unit. There are many different types of inventory storage and storage techniques. In this article, we will go through all of them, in hopes of shedding light on the subject. You have come to the right place if you want to learn more about different types of inventory storage. So, let’s dive in!

The length of time you want to use a storage unit

This is an important factor when deciding which type of storage unit to find. Some items are not meant to be put into storage for too long.

Short term storage

This solution is great if you want to temporarily put your belongings in during a move. Short term storage is usually cheaper and you can even rent the unit for only a week. This is quite enough time to complete a local move and there is a small possibility for any damage to happen to your items.

Long term storage

If you are not moving, but just do not have enough space for your items consider finding a long term deal for a storage unit. If your basement and attic are full of stuff you “are probably going to need some time in a certain situation” renting a long term storage unit is your best bet. In this case, you will have to check what type of inventory storage it is. This is crucial when it comes to specific items that can get damaged in cases of extreme weather or other situations.

Types of inventory storage units

outdoor storage unit
Outdoor storage units are a great solution if you do not have items that are sensitive to the elements

When you delve in storage unit research, you will find yourself asking some questions. One of these questions is whether the storage unit is climate controlled. Another one is whether the storage unit is indoor or outdoor. We will now list some types of units so you can decide what is best for you. 

Outdoor storage unit

This is the most common type of storage unit and they can be seen basically everywhere. They are the cheapest option around and that comes with some drawbacks. The unit is probably not climate controlled which means that you should only put items in that can sustain mold, moisture, and extreme temperature changes. However, they are still very secure and offer non stop access. Another positive side is that you will probably not need to be accompanied by a guard when you check your storage.

Indoor storage unit

Indoor storage units are usually located inside multiple story building and offer the best security. There is a security guard 100% of the time so you will not have to worry about someone breaking in. Another benefit of indoor storage units is that they are usually climate controlled. This means that you can put items that are sensitive to the elements and have no worries at all. Climate controlled means that the temperature is constantly the same, and the humidity levels are always kept in check. In addition, there are some units that offer only one of these climate control options. These are divided into temperature storage units, and temperature and humidity storage units. There are some items that are not affected by humidity so renting a temperature storage unit can be a cheaper way to go.

Mobile storage unit

This is an interesting type of storage unit because it can be placed basically everywhere. If the storage facility is far from your house, you can even park the mobile storage unit on your lawn. This allows easy access and less hustle to get what you need faster. However, it can be aesthetically unappealing to have a big storage unit on your lawn. So, park it in your back yard or a garage if the weather allows you to keep your car outside. This is good if you want to remove furniture from your home but do not want to trash it. Disassembling your furniture can also be very space efficient way to store it.

When you decide upon a type of storage unit make sure to find the right one!

Types of inventory storage

Now that we have covered the types of storage units, we can move on to types of inventory storage. This is more about the storing techniques instead of the technicalities of storage units. Let’s see which techniques can be used.

And, of course, get your employees involved in every step

Block stacking

This technique is when you put a pallet on the floor and then stack boxes one on top of another. This is best for long term storage when you do not need to take some of the boxes out. This is because the only reachable box is the one on the top, which means that you have to take all of them off in order to reach the bottom one. Another important tip for this type of inventory storage is to put items that can withstand heavy loads on the bottom. Then you should lighter and lighter box until you reach the ceiling or run out of boxes. This is why packing for storage is an important factor. You do not want the items on the bottom of the pile to be crushed by the ones on top.

block stacking
Block stacking is not a very efficient method of storage if you want easy access to your stuff.


Storage racks are much better when it comes to accessibility. This is because they are divided into a couple of racks and that allows you to reach whatever you want easier. Another benefit is that you do not have to be so careful when packing like when you do the block stacking. The boxes are put in racks instead of being stacked one on top of another. There are still some ways to organize your storage unit racks so that you can know what is where. Put the items you are most probably going to use some time in the future closer to the door. This way you will not need to delve deep inside the storage to get what you want.

Shelves and bins

Shelves and bins are a good idea because they can be mobile. This makes reorganizing your storage unit a piece of cake. However, some bins are not space efficient, so you should try to get the same type of bins so you can be as space efficient as possible.

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