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Living in a huge house can be amazing, but sometimes, the expense and energy you use to maintain the household can be too much. This is particularly obvious after your children have grown up and moved out. In case you’re overwhelmed in your present home, moving to a more modest space can be an incredible move both monetarily and intellectually. However, you should not bring everything you own to your new house. First of all, you do not have enough space. Then, it is completely unnecessary to spend money and time on packing and transporting every single thing you ever own. For this reason, before you hire Divine Moving and Storage company for your relocation, here is a downsizing guide for Midtown residents for you to follow. 

Downsizing guide for Midtown residents – do an inventory 

First of all, you cannot really downsize if you do not know what you own. For this reason, it is necessary to start with an inventory. Why is it important to do an inventory? It is impossible to pack and move everything that you currently have in your household. You won’t have as much space for all the items you have accumulated throughout the years of living in your old house. Since you are downsizing, it means that your new house will be smaller than your old one. This automatically means less space for your items. In order to see which items you should move and which items you should leave behind, you need to do an inventory. This inventory is also going to be beneficial for you when Midtown moving company comes to pick up your things. 

making a list for Downsizing guide for Midtown residents
You should do an inventory

Use room-by room sorting system 

It can get very messy when you’re sorting through your belongings. In order not to lose or misplace any of your items, you need to use a sorting system. The best one out there would be room by room sorting system. This way, not only will you not misplace or lose anything, but you can also avoid living in a messy house. It can be extremely uncomfortable to live in a messy house. This will certainly not help you to focus on your everyday chores, help you relax after your work, or even motivate you to pack your items for relocation. For this reason, when you are sorting your items room by room, you should also use the three-box method. 

  • Items to keep a box 
  • Ge-rid-of box that you can further sort into sell, donate, and trash 
  • Put in storage 

Downsizing guide for Midtown residents – see what to do with unwanted items 

After you sorted through your items, now it is time to decide what to do with items you do not plan to move. As you can see from the previous paragraph, you have three options in this case. The first one would be to sell your items. If you have enough time, you can sell your items and earn a little bit of money for your relocation. Make sure that the items you plan to sell are in good condition. It is also important not to overprice your items. On the other hand, you can also donate some of your items. There are plenty of good charities that organize a pickup. Make sure to ask for a receipt of your donation so you can later apply for tax reduction. Lastly, you can simply throw away your items. Make sure to do all of this before you contact Manhattan moving and storage companies. 

big mirror on the wall
Decide what to do with your unwanted items

Save space by going digital 

If you have a lot of documents and other similar papers in your house, it is time to consider going digital. Why is this important? First of all, you need to collect all the necessary packing supplies for your relocation. If you plan to either move or store your documents, you will need to get a lot of cardboard boxes. Since those boxes would be quite heavy and numerous, you will have to pay more for moving services. For this reason, it would be better if you make a digital copy of your documents. If you see that some documents can be also valid in a digital form, then, there is no reason to keep them in a printed form. This also applies to some old documents that you would need in certain situations but not immediately. 

Downsizing guide for Midtown residents – make the most of your storage space 

The biggest challenge of downsizing would be the lack of storage space. For this reason, it is extremely important to maximize any storage space that you can find in your new house. If your new house has a basement, attic, or garage, it can be quite easy to find additional storage space. However, not every house has these additional rooms. And therefore, you need to find an alternative solution. You can try to build in storage options whenever you can. For example, you can opt for platform beds with drawers, wardrobes with many shelves, bookshelves, and baskets, and so on. Then, you can also use open wall space for storage. Lastly, you can take advantage of hidden spaces. For example, if you have a small bathroom, you can add over-the-door hooks, towel racks, under-counter storage, stand-alone shelves, and so on. 

books on the shelf
Try to find alternative storage options

Give yourself enough time 

As you can see, according to this downsizing guide for Midtown residents, there are many things to do when you are downsizing. For this reason, it is important to give yourself enough time to do everything. If you want to declutter and downsize your household properly, you should not rush around. If you hurry, you can easily misplace or lose certain items. In addition to this, you can also cause serious damage to your household or items and you can even sustain injuries. If you give yourself enough time, you can do everything slowly and thoroughly. 


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