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Moving is a difficult endeavor. Even more so when you think about all the packing that you need to do. All the fragile items, and all the bulky and heavy items. They all need to be transported to your new home, and you need to know how to pack everything. Packing smaller items like shoes may seem easy, but just wait when you realize that you have to pack your furniture as well. This is when things get tricky. So, that is why we have created a guide to packing leather furniture just for you! Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Packing leather furniture: how to?

The best thing you can do when packing leather furniture is to get professional packing services NYC. They know how to do everything properly and will do so very quickly. Packing your leather furniture is going to be a tough task. You will need a lot of packing materials such as packing tape, moving blankets, duct tape, and air-filled wrap. You may even want to use wooden crates so you can put the furniture inside. This is a measure you may want to employ if you want extra safety. It is not mandatory, but it can certainly be beneficial if you have the resources to do so. Now, let’s get down to packing!

leather chairs
Leather furniture deserves proper care

 How to pack your leather furniture properly?

Firstly, you should get all of you packing material. It is a good idea to keep a packing essentials box nearby at all times. Put tape, scissors, and other useful tools inside and carry it from one piece of furniture to the other. But, before you start packing your leather furniture, you need to clean it properly. It is important to clean the leather before placing it in lots of packing materials and putting it in a truck with a possibility of varying temperature. The dirt on your leather furniture may cause even further damage during your local move so you better make sure to both dust off every single speck, and also wipe off any stain.

Wrap everything with packing tape

So, with that out of the way, get your packing tape and start wrapping your couch from the bottom. Wrap everything horizontally with your packing tape a couple of times and then move upwards. When you reach the middle part of your couch, the arm rests may pose a problem. But not if you listen to this piece of advice! Start from the back side of your bed and slowly wrap towards the armrest. When you get to it, reach around the armrest, and twist the tape so you can return to wrapping the back side of the bed. Do the exact same thing on the other side and make sure to do it multiple times. You do not want any damage done to your leather couch, right?

packing your leather furniture after cleaning it
Leather is a delicate material so you need to clean it

Using moving blankets

After wrapping everything with tape, get your moving blankets. If you have read the part about moving supplies NYC, then you will have a couple of these lying around. Take the moving blankets and put a couple of them on the couch and try to cover every area of it. Then you should tape the bottom of the bed with duct tape. Do not be afraid to use excess tape. Better safe than sorry! After you have done that, move on to the back rest and secure the moving blankets with duct tape as well. Now, when that is done, here comes the tricky part. You will have to lift the couch on one side. Then you should wrap everything a couple of times. Make sure to put something under the couch so it does not fall, or have someone help you. After you do so, put the couch down, and lift the other side up and repeat the process. We repeat, do not be afraid to use more packing material than what you think is enough. Dealing damage to your items just because you did not pack it properly can be devastating when you realize that after the move.

You should do the same with your chairs and any other type of leather furniture you may have.

Moving the leather furniture to the truck

This is the part where you are going to need help. If you haven’t called a moving company and doing everything yourself, you may need to buy a furniture dolly online. All reliable moving companies have either furniture dollies or moving straps with which they can safely transport each bulky piece of furniture. So, take the dolly and put it next to the couch. After that, have someone help you to put the couch on the dolly vertically. Then you should tape it to the dolly securely. Even more securely if you are going to take it down a staircase. After you secure the couch, make sure to walk down the path you want to drive the dolly through. Make sure that the path is clean and that there aren’t any obstructions. This is one of the ways most injuries happen, when you slip on something that should not be on the way.

leather furniture
Move your leather furniture the right way!

Clear the way, and then start moving the dolly slowly, when you get to the staircase, make sure that your friend helps you. They can help you by standing in front of the dolly and making sure that you do not push it too hard. They can also give you instructions and tell you when you are reaching the end of the staircase. Then proceed to take it through the door and up the ramp to the truck. There, cut the tape you used for securing and gently place the couch in the truck. Make sure to put it on the ground and next to a wall. You can then put lighter boxes on top of it to maximize space efficiency. Proceed to do the same with the rest of your leather furniture.

With all that said, good luck with packing your leather furniture!

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