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Getting your home ready for the move is not an easy task. Among other things you need to pack for the move, shoes can be on the hardest. If you are one of those people who have an entire closet just for shoes, you should make a plan specifically for packing these items. Packing shoes when moving is a long process. However, with the right supplies and a good packing plan, everyone can do it in a matter of hours. Let’s see how to do it right!

If you are planning a NYC move, consider hiring a good moving company to assist. With the help of some reliable Brooklyn movers, you can get ready for your relocation in no time. Moreover, all of your valuable items and possessions will be way safer during transportation. Before booking an experienced moving company, take a look at the following guide. Here are some useful tips for packing shoes when moving.

Tips for packing shoes when moving

Many of us have more than just one pair of shoes for every occasion. Although this might be a good thing, packing too many shoes for the move can be exhausting. Before you start packing shoes when moving, you should consider the space you’ll have in your new home. For example, if you are moving into a smaller apartment or downsizing your inventory, you should consider getting rid of the shoes you don’t use anymore. Old, ripped or out-of-style shoes are not something you absolutely have to move.

shoes in racks
You should make a plan specifically for packing shoes.

Before packing shoes for moving, you should consider separating them into a few separate piles:

  • Old, unnecessary shoes and those you want to get rid of. Consider giving them to the less fortunate.
  • Seasonal footwear and shoes you use on a daily basis. Make sure to pack these shoes last, since those are the things you should wear during the move.
  • Off-season shoes that you won’t be unpacking right after the move
  • High heels or expensive shoes you use for special occasions. Don’t forget to take special care of shoes which are delicate and expensive.
  • Sneakers, slippers and other casual footwear

Once you make this list, you can start preparing the packing supplies. Supplies you’ll need for packing shoes for moving are the following:

  • wrapping paper
  • shoeboxes
  • Bubble wrap

As easy as it sounds to pack shoes, you should avoid stacking them all over each other. A simple reason for this is keeping your footwear in good shape and avoiding their damage. Don’t be tempted to put them all into one bag and load into the moving truck. There might be various heavy objects that could fall and break or damage your shoes.

Clean your footwear before packing

Another important aspect of packing is making your inventory clean. Unlike clothes, shoes might have some dirt and dust left on them. If you clean your shoes before packing, you will have a much easier time unpacking them. After arriving into your new home, all that will be left to do is to unpack your shoe boxes and align your shoes into the new closet.

white sneakers
If you are moving into a smaller apartment, you should consider getting rid of the shoes you don’t use anymore.

Plan your packing process

Besides packing shoes when moving, there will be many other items you’ll need to take care of. For this matter, it’s highly recommendable to make a packing checklist that will help you stay organized. One of the first things you want to do is to prioritize and consider which items you want to pack first. On one hand, you can pack your shoes early on, especially if you won’t be wearing them before the move. However, packing shoes separately (into a separate moving box) will allow you to get a better picture of where your stuff is. While you unpack your inventory in your new home, you will save much time on organizing your closets.

What to do with excess moving boxes during the move?

Even if you make the most precise moving plan, there will always be a chance of packing too many moving boxes. In case you don’t have enough room in your new home for all of your stuff, you should consider renting a good storage unit. By asking your movers about different storage solutions in NYC, you’ll make sure to secure your inventory before, during and after the moving process.

Canadian boots
Off-season shoes are something you probably won’t be unpacking right after the move.

One of the things you should consider if packing shoes when moving is whether you want to put them in storage. If you do, you should look for a temperature-regulated unit that will keep your things safe from moisture and heat. Getting an additional storage space is something many people consider during the moving process. While your inventory is safe in the storage unit, you’ll find you have much more space in your home during the moving process.

How to get ready for moving your home?

After getting your things in order and hiring a good moving company, you should start getting ready for your moving process. Besides packing, you will need to consider the transfer of your utilities, setting new cable and other things on your to-do list. Also, if you are moving to a new home, get ready to clean both your current and your future home. Also, moving in your senior age might require more time to get ready for the move. In case you still haven’t found the right moving assistance, make sure to check some of the senior citizen moving companies in New York. Movers with experience can help you with everything from packing, wrapping, transportation and storing of your belongings.

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